Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it a million times from either our mom, aunt, grandma, best friend, etc., etc., etc. We’re taught from day one this unofficial official rule that your lipstick must compliment, never contrast, your makeup. This is appropriate for the office and meeting your SO’s parents, but sometimes we want our lips to be the star of the show. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

As Gwyneth Paltrow said, “[b]eauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” For every skin tone, there exists a shade of lipstick that perfectly pops.

Lip Colors for 

Fair Skin

For blonds and redheads, shades of wine make bold statements can be seen from a mile away. Though the lips look luxurious on their own, warm eyeshadows make for a rich fall beauty look.

Take cues from actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone, who sport vampy lips and copper on the eyes.

Lip Colors For

Medium Light Skin

Proven by Youtuber Shannon Harris, a matte lip in Barbie pink brings out your inner girly girl. The Barbie pink neither overwhelms nor becomes washed out by your complexion. During the day, compliment this lip with a simple shimmery eye or amplify the lips at night with a dramatic cat eyeliner.


Jamie Chung

Let’s talk about mediums and magentas! Taking on a more pinkish hue than wine, magenta brings out the warmth and radiance in medium skin tones, demonstrated by the bold lip on actress Jamie Chung.


The suede shade by NYX will last you the entire night with limited reapplying.

A fuschia adds this energy and jolt to the lips without looking trashy or cheap. Both matte and sheer lipsticks will do medium dark skin tones justice. Keep the eyes light and make the cheeks dazzle with electrifying highlighter.

Medium Dark

Lip Colors For 

Dark Skin

Corals can work for all skin tones but especially flatter darker skin tones. Sudanese model Alec Wek sports a glossy coral. The color – strong enough on its own – makes a powerful statement without needing warm eyeshadpws to compliment the lips.