Perfect Pants: Stylish Alternatives to Jeans

The start of 2019 brings us new perspectives, new plans . . . and “new” pant styles! After twenty years of wild trend experimenting in the ‘80s-’90s, fashion slowly conformed itself to more simplistic styles until the 2010s. Today, we no longer fear sporting statement pieces and have gone back to quirkier pant trends; Specifically, trends such as prints and leather have returned. We still love classic, timeless jeans. 


However, sometimes – either after scrolling through Instagram’s top fashion accounts or flipping through the latest issue of Vogue – we want to make a bolder statement with our clothes. Bringing back fashion from prior decades adds a surprise zest into an outfit, and fashion-forward pants are perfect for those who wish to dress up without making it seem as if too much effort was put into an outfit.


Runway shows in 2018 gave us Exciting Previews of pant trends for upcoming seasons. For his Spring 2019 ready-to-wear show, Yves Saint Laurent presented leathers pairs for both men and women.

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2019


Innovative styles are always on the runway, but we can’t ignore what fashion is right in front of us on the streets. On her blog, Rachel Zoe is photographed wearing red, high-waisted printed pants matched with a crisp trench coat.


Dressed up or down, a flare towards the bottom of the leg makes a grand statement. Wide-legged pants quickly made their way around the internet in 2018, and the silhouette is expected to return once again for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

Though people restrict themselves to wearing looser pants in warmer temperatures, sharp blazers and heels make wide-legged pants appropriate year-long.


The breezy, effortless yet luxurious look of pleated pants make them a staple piece that the minimalist wardrobe. Even when paired with the most basic pieces of clothing, the pleats help an easy-going outfit have flare and drama.

Try some of these trends, and prepare to make a statement in 2019 – one leg at a time.