How to Rock Athleisure Without Looking Like You Came Straight From the Gym

As college students, we’re always on crunches for time. We struggle to squeeze in studying, extracurricular activities, and fitness during one day. Consequently, many of us choose to rush straight from the gym to class rather than skip working out all together. Sometimes, the only options for clothes are what we wore on the treadmill a few hours ago. Though this sounds unsanitary, few wish to lug an additional outfit later in the day.


Thankfully, we saw the athleisure boom throughout the past few years, in which now it is socially acceptable to wear sportswear outside of the gym. We no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look trendy; however, we still want to look put-together and fashion-forward when wearing sportswear on the streets.


With the athleisure boom, we can incorporate some of our gym attire into ready-to-wear looks. Here are five ways that you can mix athleisure into your outfits that don’t make it look as if you just finished a 30-minute HIIT routine.

Sweats and a bomber jacket

Last year, Adidas joggers blew up your Instagram feed. A sleek bomber jacket adds a city flair to these sweats, stripes or no stripes. Another unexpected pairing is wearing fitted sweats with a button-up shirt for a casual look.

Erik Scholz/Lookbook

Off-White Neutrals

Bella Hadid

The illusion of a straight silhouette flatters the body and shows off its curves. In 2017, Bella Hadid was captured in all white at LAX Airport.

Ditch Neon

You don’t want your clothes to read ‘80s fitness commercial. Instead, choose a monochromatic color palette. Monochromatic outfits not only elongate your figure, but neutrals in particular rarely seem tacky and are always in style.

Sneakers with Trousers

Who What Wear
Who What Wear

Nothing says athleisure quite like sneakers – a staple shoe for not only gym rats but also for the modern fashionista who wants to look effortlessly cool. A professional-looking pair of pants counterbalances the casualness of trainers. Bonus if the pants are wide-legged or printed for more drama.

Who What Wear

Windbreakers with Jumpsuits

Though we laugh when thinking about cheesy tracksuits from the past, we love jumpsuits today because of their versatility all year long.

Wearing a light windbreaker, an article of clothing that athletes swear by for warming up and cooling down, over a jumpsuit is the perfect street wear combination in spring, when temperatures start to rise, yet we still need additional layers for bipolar temperatures and sporadic thunderstorms.

Baseball Caps

You don’t need be a part of the Kardashian klan to rock a baseball cap like Kendall Jenner does. The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

Styling athleisure shouldn’t be overthrought. Though you want to look put-together, your main priorities are comfort and convenience. Athleisure promotes innovative streetwear that doesn’t involve uncomfortable heels and stiff dresses. More importantly, athleisure encourages healthy living that will, hopefully, not go out of style beyond 2019.


Cheers to more hours in the gym and sneakers in your wardrobe.