2019 Makeup and Hair Trends - Runway Edition

How should we do our hair and makeup for the upcoming spring and summer seasons? While most people use budding season and warmer temperatures as excuses to go lighter on the face and au natural with the locks, 2019 resort and spring runway models showed us else wise; if anything, we need to cake on more eye shadows (while avoiding the dreaded middle school look) and take time to play with our hair. Tedious? Conceivably. Worth the drama and flair? Absolutely.

On the Runway

Strong Brows

If you choose to bare it all, predominant brows help accentuate your features. Attention is drawn to the upper half of the face in which a bold lip flatters naked eyes, proved by models for Miu Miu. Bold brows make the wearer appear more youthful yet decisive and headstrong. Thankfully, bold brows are beauty staples that will stick around long after summer 2019.

Tight Braids

For her 2019 resort collection, German fashion designer Jil Sander presented crisp and clean-looking models, many of whom slicked their hair back and separated tresses with a middle part. Some models additionally styled locks into super tight braids. Benefits of a braid (or two) are that it tames flyaways, and heat is not necessary to create this look. Make this hairstyle more sleek by wrapping strands around the hair tie.

Electrifying Eyeliner

Eyes stand beautifully on their own, but neon colors on the ‘lids transform a bland look into either something refreshing for the day or a surprise for the night. Though many people choose fluorescent hues, white can also make a daring statement. Whether you apply a wash on the entire lid or choose to only drag a line near the lashes, people will notice you from miles away. A model for Christian Siriano wears pink eyeshadows to compliment the designer’s ready-to-wear dress.

Metallic Lips

Tight Top Knots

Glitter took over Jeremy Scott’s show, where both loose and foil-esque glitter sparkled on lips. When looking at the models, Halloween and aliens may come to mind. Yes, these two fit perfectly with metallic lips. However, a dramatic gloss can also achieve the same effect without going overboard.

Backstage at the Fendi spring 2019 ready-to-wear show, four models pose for the press. Rather than loosely bunching hair at the top in relaxed messy buns, models’ tresses are slicked back into tight top knots. To ease the tension, pull some strands of hair down to frame the face.