Three Ways to Make Overnight Oats – Easy and Simple Recipes

Three Ways to Make Overnight Oats - Easy and Simple Recipes

Students, often those who are stuck with 8 A.M.s, skip breakfast. Though convenient to simply roll out of bed and spring to Smith Hall, taking the time to eat breakfast should be a priority. Your body needs fuel to jump start the day, and breakfast gives you energy to last long classes and walks across campus.


Moreover, most of us lack the time to make breakfast. However, with these simple and easy overnight oat recipes, you can roll out of bed and shove something down to eat before rushing to your lecture hall.

Healthy Eating

Overnight oats

Oatmeal Recipe


  • half cup of oats
  • cup of milk
  • tablespoon of chia seeds
  • tablespoon of honey
  • teaspoon of vanilla extract


  • cup of milk
  • four to five strawberries and large handful of blueberries
  • half a banana
  • four to five ice cubes

Layer ingredients into a mug or mason jar and let it sit overnight and add toppings the following morning.


Strawberry Banana

  • sliced banana
  • quarter cup of cut up strawberries
  • chocolate chips

Oats Smoothie

  • sprinkle in oats in smoothies
  • smoothie: blend

Blueberry Banana

  • quarter cup of blueberries
  • tablespoon of peanut butter
  • sliced banana

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