Simplifying the Crazy K-Beauty Routine: Easy Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

When one thinks about skin care, South Korea’s iconic beauty industry comes to mind. South Korea’s mastery of skin care is praised around the world but comes with a price – for both your wallet and time. It is common for Korean men and women to spend spend multiple hours a day pampering their skin and applying cosmetics to create that desired dewy glow, and thousands of dollars are spent in a year on serums, moisturizers, toners – just to name a few products – to accommodate the 10-step K-beauty routine.


Many South Korean celebrities swear by their extensive routines, but this should not be necessary to feel youthful and rejuvenated. Using dozens of products and spending endless hours in front the mirror may seem necessary for a clean beauty look. However, you can narrow it down to a few staple products and basic makeup techniques. Anyone can follow K-beauty trends – without having to break the bank and take away valuable free time. Here are quick and easy ways to simplify the complex K-Beauty routine for the same results.

Basic Skin Care –  a dewy face can start from simply a daily cleanse and moisturizing every morning and night. Your face will appreciate less layering of makeup and intense washing every day, and over time your skin will feel more refreshed and open up its pores
A Dab of Concealer – no need to apply a full face here – to avoid a cakey appearance, little dabs of concealer are sufficient to even out your complexion

Straight brows

3. Straight brows – unlike sharp brows in the west, brows in Korea are soft and straight. The slight definition is just enough to frame the face without overwhelming it. Youthful brows can be achieved through light strokes layered on top of concealer around the brow area that covers flyaway hairs. Check out this post by The Raeviewer for a more in-depth explanation as to how to achieve straight brows.

Tinted Lip Balm

 Tinted lip balm doubled as blush – two-in-one? Yes, please! Ditch the bronzer and skip to a baby pink hue for flushed cheeks. Quick to apply if you are running late and want warmth in the face. The Baby Lips line by Maybelline are favorites by both beauty enthusiasts and those who simply want an additional pop of color without the hassle of wearing lipstick.

Winged eyeliner and Shimmery Shadow

A straight or angled down “puppy-eye liner” instead of a cat eyeliner makes for for innocent eyes. If you’re scared about using liquid or gel liner, it’s easiest to start with a lighter hand and gradually work your way towards a thicker line.

Face masks

K-beauty staples, facial masks bring the spa experience at your own fingertips. Clay, cream, sheet, exfoliating - just to name a few types of facial masks, there is one for every skin type. Not only do they come in a variety of forms, but the scents and packaging are fun and adorable as well.

Healthy Diet and Enough Sleep

These two should be common sense, but your skin, and overall health as well, need a balanced diet and enough sleep to look and feel at its best. Though you don’t need to resort to extremes, your skin will thank your choices to eat desserts in moderation, limit alcohol consumption, and drink more water.

We want to mimic the K-style “cutesy” makeup, but feeling comfortable in your own skin is the more important than any makeup routine. At the end of the day, makeup should only embrace, not determine, your confidence.