Starbucks Now Delivers in San Francisco Through Uber Eats: Expansion to Follow

After having successful test runs in Miami back in fall 2018, Starbucks announced in December its plan to provide delivery services from 2,000 stores in the US by 2019. Why the change? Though coffee sales continue to flourish in America, the famous coffee supply chain struggles to compete against businesses. Think McDonald’s and Wawa (who sell a Cup of Joe for less than $5) – even Starbucks’ most popular lattes and espresso drinks cannot win. 


With an additional $2.49 delivery fee, hopefully, the new Uber services will become another source of steady income. In addition to delivering through Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks added services in San Francisco starting on Tuesday, January 22, and will add Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. in the spring.


 Starting delivery services should bring Starbucks more customer loyalty. Especially for employees who work a typical eight-hour day from 9-5 in addition to taking care of a family – stopping and waiting for coffee is not a priority, nor is it reasonable. Now, hustle-and-bustle Americans can order Starbucks with the simply use of an app at the convenience of their own time. Though some people prefer Wawa and Dunkin drinks over those from Starbucks’ (specifically, the prices), coffee-enthusiasts will feel more inclined to consistently invest in $5 Starbucks’ because of its new fast and furious delivery services.