Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Marissa Cuka

The University of Delaware broke enrollment records this past Fall 2018.


24,120 total students enrolled for the Fall semester, which is the highest number of students enrolled at UD. The University now has students representing all 50 states, and a record 2,246 international students representing 150 countries. At the Newark campus, 4,249 students are first year students, most of who are non-residents. These numbers and more reached a record high for UD, and are significant in cultivating a diverse and cultured campus environment.


Each student at UD, whether a first year undergraduate student or a student enrolled in a graduate program, has a story coming into college. Some students are from Delaware and may have high school friends attending UD; others come from different states or even countries and are forced to completely start over in a new environment.


Previous experiences definitely shape people, but it is the new college environment that demands a little more from them; they must step out of their comfort zones, whether it is academically, geographically, or socially.


Based on the Fall 2018 enrollment statistics, students are bound to meet someone with a story different from theirs. By connecting with students from different backgrounds, each person can learn something from the other and gain a new perspective, whether it is major or minor.

Photographed by Alisha Lolk

College is an adjustment but allows students to grow in many ways. There are a plethora of classes to take, student organizations to join, and events to participate in. These opportunities bring together many different students and allow them to get involved, have fun, and learn new things, so it is important to take advantage of them. The skills, memories, and friendships that students make is what makes up their personal college experience and shapes them as they continue their college journeys and their post-college plans.

Photographed by Evan Krape

College can be a difficult transition, but stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for making the most out of your time in college. Each student will have their own personal college experience, but no matter how different each one is, every Blue Hen is connected by the University of Delaware.

Photographed by Evan Krape