Changing Perspective After Freshman Year

New challenges, exciting adventures, and changing perspectives after your first year as a Blue Hen 

For over 4,000 Blue Hens, freshman year is in its final stretch as May and UDRESS‘ Spring 2019 Launch Event approach. Though hectic and fast-paced, the end the spring semester is one of the most memorable times for students – especially for freshmen. Many first-year Blue Hens choose to rush sororities or fraternities, join clubs, and participate in community service events. It is normal to struggle with the transition from high school to college, but campus involvement presents opportunities to meet peers outside of class and challenge yourself. For many students, freshman year in college is the first taste of freedom and independence and though challenging at times, the first year at college allows for personal growth and development.  



Oftentimes, freshmen enter college coming from the top of their high school class only to find that they struggle to adjust to professors’ work load. Many are shell-shocked at the rigorous courses and e have difficulty navigating exams at the college-level. Freshman are not only challenged college academics, but first-year students also have to adjust to new peers and social scenes. Some freshman find their closest friends during the first week of fall semester, while others do not find their “crew” until late spring. 



Freshman year shows students that learning is done both in and out of the classroom. Juggling social life with school can be stressful and overwhelming. However, balance and understanding your personal needs and limits are keys to success. Many freshmen feel the need to compare their GPA or friend groups to those of their peers, but college is, ultimately, a personal journey unique to each individual.