Stronger Not Skinnier

Strong Not Skinnier

Find your own happy medium

Do you ever pass the mirror, stop, look, and not like what you see? Do you ever beat yourself up about the way you look? Do you ever feel gross and upset with yourself for munching out on a bunch of cookies and cake? Or are you simply insecure and uncomfortable in your own skin? If you answered yes to any of these, I hope to change that for you! I am going to empower you to feel comfortable in your skin and confident in your body. Imagine if you stopped obsessing over “fitting in” to a tiny pair of jeans and started “fitting in” to things that make you feel GOOD. Women should feel confident for who they are and who they want to become. We shouldn’t be uncomfortable and insecure in our own skin.

Picture Credits: Maddie Costantino

Today, society molds the negative perceptions of ourselves. It starts with the way we look at ourselves. The way we look at ourselves in the mirror every morning. The way we compare ourselves to others constantly. The way we judge others so harshly and judge ourselves even more. There’s a lot more to a girl then her cute clothes, boobs, butt, and stomach fat. our views have changed tremendously, especially in this area of life. I once felt the way that many girls still feel today. However, now I have a passion for fitness and nutrition. I used to focus on being smaller but now I focus on being STRONGER-both physically and mentally. I have learned to look in the mirror and love myself. I don’t look back and see how much I’ve lost, but how much I’ve gained. I stopped striving to be the smallest version of myself and started striving to be the strongest. Stop looking in the mirror and always seeing what is missing, rather than what’s there. Stop using exercise as a punishment, rather than a pleasure. Embrace the happy and healthy person you are!

Picture Credits: Maddie Costantino

Workout because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to. However, you should feel damn good if you do and not bad if you don’t. It’s not about the toned arms, slimmer thighs, and big butt. It’s about that big smile and rewarding feeling at the end, knowing that you have cherished and challenged your body. Give your body tools to empower it, rather than restrict it. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you stop being your bodies biggest critic and start becoming its biggest fan. It’s your body you make the rules.

I guarantee you weighing LESS won’t make you think MORE of your body. What will make you think more of your body is confidence. Gain strength, gain happiness, and gain back that smile that you’ve lost. Your motivation to feel and look better shouldn’t come from hatred it should come from love. I have created an Instagram account (@maddiecostfitlife) that helps inspire and motivate people to become the best version of themselves that they can be. Through this I have helped so many people grow and simply feel comfortable in their own skin. I have learned recently that everyone is obsessed with the way they look on the outside, instead of focusing on how they truly feel on the inside. Society, specifically young girls, needs to stop focusing on wanting to be skinnier and start focusing on becoming stronger. This means both physically and mentally. Happiness isn’t a size, shape, or number on the scale. It’s a huge smile and feeling on the inside.

Picture Credits: Maddie Costantino

Stop focusing on what you aren’t and focus on what you ARE! I use fitness as a way to encourage others to do what makes them happy and feel good about themselves. Working out shouldn’t be a punishment for the way you look or something you ate. My healthy and happy lifestyle doesn’t come from cutting things out, it comes from adding things in. Add in food for fuel, add on weight for strength, add in cardio for the happy heart. Life should be about living, not limiting. I express this through a series of dance cardio workouts called “MAXOUT with MADDIE”. I encourage girls to feel empowered and strong!


Run farther, lift heavier, swim faster, bike harder, and jump higher. Do more, but for the RIGHT REASONS. Do it for you, nobody else. It should come from a happy place in your heart. Workout to become a better you and celebrate all that your body can do. I run long distance because I enjoy it and it makes me feel good. Not as a punishment for eating cookies. Cookies should be served with a scoop of ice cream, not guilt. Do what makes you happy. That may be running miles, dancing around in your room, lifting insanely heavy, swimming or anything you want it to be. Just do it with your whole heart and for a good damn reason…YOURSELF! To be a strong woman is to be beautifully in love with yourself. I want to bring women together and create this power. However, there’s a happy medium for everything in life. Sometimes you have to take a break and not be so hard on yourself, where other times you need to force your lazy butt to get up and go to the gym.

Picture Credits: Maddie Costantino

Now go find your own happy medium…just don’t forget to love yourself a little along the way.

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