1970s Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Fall

1970s Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Fall

If one decade best represents fall fashion, it is (without a doubt) the 1970s. From the muted color scheme, flared jeans, platform heels and (of course) corduroy, it makes sense why most of the trends this fall originated in the disco decade. Everybody wants a little bit of 1970s fun in their wardrobe, so here are some ‘70s-inspired trends for you to roll with this fall.

Muted Colors

There is a reason why the color scheme for this fall looks so familiar. Seventies colors were muted warm tones including mustard yellow, brick red, avocado green, beige, and dusty rose. All these cozy shades are trending this season, which makes them the perfect hues for sweater weather.

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Shearling Coats

It cannot be fall without a statement jacket, and for inspiration this fall, look no further than the jackets in the ‘70s. Shearling coats were a huge trend in the ‘70s and are perfect for the fall season. Pair with your favorite jeans and say hello to Woodstock vibes.

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Love them or hate them, fall is the time of the year for a classic pair of overalls. The ‘70s were all about jumpsuits and these denim garments were no exception. To make your overall outfit more ‘70s-inspired, wear authentic seventies colors.

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