Skincare Essentials for the Colder Months

Skincare Essentials for the Colder Months

From the frigid outdoors to cozy indoors 

With the colder months ahead, chapped lips and flaky skin are sad realities; however, there are some magical products to fight the curse of dry winter skin…

The mindset for skincare in the fall and winter is *HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE*

The more moisture, the better, to help combat crisp fall winds, or even a few snowflakes. The temperature from the frigid outdoors to cozy indoors really messes with the skin in terms of dryness and texture.


This is my holy grail of face products for dry skin that can turn anyone’s face from flaky to smooth and moisturized.

Summer Fridays: Jet Lag Face Mask ($48)

It can be used a face mask or even as a thick moisturizer – also a great addition to your carry on, on flights hence the name.


Next one up, although a little scary sounding (but is a miracle product), is a facial oil which can has many applications from the face, hair, and even cuticles: all the dry places affected by the winter weather.

Acure Brightening Super Greens Serum ($11)

I LOVE this oil. Not only does it smell amazing like lemons, it’s a great alternative to moisturizer and sometimes even more affective. If you just slap on a pump or two a night, give it time to absorb and you will wake up with glowing, baby skin!


If you aren’t an oil person there is another great moisturizer to help intensely moisturize.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Water Gel Face Moisturizer ($8)

This moisturizer adds a good amount of hydration and does not leave a super dewy or sticky affect like an oil.


Another product I use throughout the colder months is some sort of exfoliant, whether chemical or a scrub, to help remove the flaky and dryness on the skin. However, I use the product about once a week to further dry out the skin.

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic ($15)

A great noninvasive exfoliant perfect for sensitive skin to help remove any dead skin and help to tone.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub ($6)

Both moisturizing and satisfying to scrub off a face of makeup, this product is a great and cheap addition to one’s skincare routine.


Oils, lotions, scrubs, and toners – all of these products are the armor to protect your skin from the outdoor elements!