Disposable Memories

Disposable Memories

The comeback of disposable cameras and the precious memories they hold

As Instagram has taken over the world, photos have taken a new meaning. Photos are not as unique as they are instantly taken and posted for everyone to see. Disposable cameras are exciting as you build anticipation, waiting to see how your pictures have come out. Fujifilm, a leading brand for disposable cameras, states that it has seen a rapid increase in sales over the past two years. Influencers have been increasingly using these cameras and popularizing this method of photography. History is bound to repeat itself, and as fashion trends re-emerge, so do old technologies. Gen Z and millennials are fascinated by nostalgia seeking the life of what once was and want to take a break from the rapidly developing new technology.

It is crucial to escape the digital world and come back to reality. People can genuinely hold memories and look back to them without looking at a screen. Not only are disposable cameras coming back, but vinyl records, record players, cassette tapes, and Polaroid cameras have also resurfaced. I believe that this trend says a lot about our generation and how people want to connect and live on more than the surface level. Physical connections are lost as the world has become more globalized, and as humans, we are not meant to be naturally isolated. Yes, technology connects us, but I think there is something special about old technology. Companies should try and find ways to combine the old with the new.

We scroll through Instagram and see everyone’s perfect selves, but there is something about the pictures from a disposable camera that are real and capture life’s imperfect moments. People are tired of the fake and want to capture moments more authentically. We are all human, and no one is perfect. With disposable cameras, nostalgia, and essential values make a comeback.  

Picture Creds: UDRESS Inspiration PowerPoint
Inspiration: UDRESS Inspiration PowerPoint