Success Suits You: Stylish at Home with Suitably

“Unprecedented”, “unforeseen”, and “uncertain” – add the prefix “un” here and there and we’ve curated a plethora of buzzwords for spring 2020. Under normal circumstances, most of us would be preparing for career fairs on campus or the start of internships and jobs at this time of year. We shift gears to stay at home, and students are left wondering what steps to take next (if there even are any) as COVID-19 prevails. As we remain socially distant, many of us want to know how to be proactive about what is left to control. Leading students and professionals is Annabel Gatto, founder of Suitably: a B2C ecommerce site that offers stylish workwear staples and career advice on the blog Well Suited. Annabel and her team at Suitably guide followers with Get Up, Get Dressed quarantine fashion and actionable steps for us to take as we push through difficult times.

Founder & CEO Annabel Gatto in the perfect little black dress

Down below are some of the many services Suitably offers. Read until the end for Suitably’s social links!

Q&A Startup With Entrepreneurs

Want something to do at home? Get those creative juices by reading through Q&A sessions with entrepreneurs! Posted on Well Suited under Women at Work, the Q&A sessions offer fresh perspectives and insights on real-life experiences that helped shape their careers.

Career and Style Advice

Annabel and her team offer guidance to being proactive amid canceled internships and layoffs. On Well Suited, blog posts break down how to properly and professionally network online in addition to easy ways to motivate yourself at home.

Virtual Coffee Chats

Annabel recently hosted virtual coffee meetups, where she set up one-on-one Zoom calls to offer personalized feedback for students and professionals. The coffee meetups allowed attendees to tailor their session around specific questions and topics. Even though we remain socially distant, Annabel connects like-minded people through Suitably.

Collegiate and Professional Network

“More than just suits” could not be truer for the B2C. Suitably offers not only staple pieces for business casual, but the startup presents an entire community. Consisting of entrepreneurs, students, and professionals you are bound to find your #suitablycrew

Suitably Starter Kit

Links to Suitably Resources