A Brighter Future: A Look Into Spring 2021 Trends

In the dull days of 2020, everyone is looking forward to a brighter year, and the fashion trends of spring 2021 are reflecting that. This new season is all about bold colors and functional pieces, with clothes becoming less restricting and more practical, perhaps a representation of our current wardrobes during the pandemic.


When looking at the runways for brands’ new collections, most of the clothes are looser and comfortable. Loose fitting pants, or, as Vogue calls them “Power Pants,” are all over the runways, including shows for Dior, Armani and Fendi. I personally love this trend because of how comfy they are–especially compared to the skinny jeans of the previous decade. With the new trends of mom jeans, cargo pants, and the high fashion “power pants,” the looser the pants, the more trendy it is.

Also, sweatshirts and even sweat suits have been featured on runways in bright colors. Comfort is over fashion as soft fabrics such as cottons and knits have been on the runway. These styles are reflective of the early 2000s trends that are making a comeback. They look like the younger, cooler sister of the tracksuit. I am a sucker for sweatshirts, and with the bold colors, these are my favorite trends on the runway.

The silhouettes during the season are definitely unique and more geometric. This includes sharp shoulders, asymmetrical shirts, and geometric cutouts. Think: the more unusual, the more fashion forward it is. Personally, I am not as excited about these trends because they are not reflective of what we are probably going to wear in the spring. Yes, it is high fashion, but it is not realistic to be wearing a pointed shoulder blazer in your zoom meeting, however fabulous it is.


What all of these styles have in common are the bright colors and bold prints in all of the shows. Pinks, Blues and Oranges have been all over the runway, unlike previous seasons where muted colors were present. It has been a while since bright colors were on trend and I am loving it. And not just because I am a sucker for a hot pink! These colors are not only fun to experiment with, but they are also great for statement pieces and let’s face it, we could all use color in this drab time. 

The spring 2021 trends are what we want our futures to look like. They are bright, bold, unique, practical and full of life. From the outrageous prints, pointed shoulders and pleasant sweatshirts, these are some of the most wearable trends I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to get a jump start on the new year.