The Boom of Comfort Clothes: Athlesiure at Work and at Play

Long gone are the days of formal workplaces and strict societal dress codes. A new form of fashion has quickly dominated the market in recent years: athleisure. The surge in telecommuting to work and school in 2020 only boosted the number of people donning sweats in the morning. But even before this, three distinct styles of athletic wear came to the forefront of fashion shows and streets around America. Obviously, these clothes can trace their lineage back to the functional fabrics of professional and amateur athletes, but now have diverged into forms of casual wear.


Probably the most common athleisure look includes joggers or leggings and a sweatshirt or tank top. Actual sports companies like Nike and Adidas do supply a great quantity of such clothing, but brands from budget lines to the highest of high fashion houses. Prada windbreakers and Burberry sweatpants are comfortable and give a new aura of style, just as any running shorts do from your local mall.


A newer pairing – and something that will be commonplace as people return to the office after working from home – is athletic clothing combined with more traditional attire. Cozy black leggings paired with a blouse and cardigan are perfect for employees who need to look professional but still have some freedom to address their own comfort. For a relaxed errand run, this style also works with more traditional casual combinations.


Finally, this last athleisure trend is returning to a more traditional sports look. Less physically active sports like golf and motor racing have embraced weatherproof and breathable fabrics to create sharp coats and pants. New brands such as Alpha Tauri serve as fashion houses for everything from form-fitting puffer jackets to pocketed leggings, as well as advertising through their very own Formula 1 team. Historical sports fashion brands also include Ferrari; their bright red fabric and stunning yellow logo stand out in a crowd. Each type of athleisure apparel serves different purposes, but the functionality and comfort remain constant.


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