Fashion and Italy: A Match Made in Heaven

Michael Jordan & Nike. Dolce & Gabbana. Italy & Fashion. Sometimes things just fit together. Students at the University of Delaware can now combine their love of fashion and Italian with a new joint minor. The Departments of Languages, Literatures & Cultures and Fashion & Apparel Studies have created a new minor program. Students study the Italian language while also taking classes in fashion history and culture.

“This new minor offers students the opportunity to explore the world of fashion,” said Italian professor Laura Salsini. “The minor will give them a strong linguistic foundation so that they can work or study abroad.”

The 21-credit minor includes a breadth of language, literature, and culture courses in Italian and courses focused on the fashion industry, including costume history and international fashion retailing.

“Eventually the minor will include an internship either in the United States or in Italy, as well as a study abroad program,” said Dr. Salsini. “These opportunities will give students the chance to work with experts in the field.”

Because of the pandemic these programs are currently on hold, but Dr. Salsini looks forward to welcoming students to this collaborative minor. If you are interested, contact her at