Why the No-Makeup Makeup Look Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

After decades of caking on layers and layers of makeup,the gold standard of beauty is finally starting to shift. In recent years, there’s been a push for “natural” beauty. That is, wearing makeup that accentuates your natural features, rather than diminish them. People are finally being encouraged to be themselves and wear what makes them feel beautiful. It’s clear that there’s more love and acceptance in society now than ever before, and it’s beginning to shine through in the way we view beauty. In the fashion industry, we’ve seen a dramatic shift recently toward size inclusivity with the addition of plus sized models on the runway. Many brands are expanding their foundation shade ranges to be more inclusive to all skin tones. This addition was long overdue and is ensuring inclusivity for so many more consumers. This same idea translates into the beauty world: beauty comes in many forms. Makeup today is meant to inspire confidence and embrace uniqueness, rather than “fix” our flaws.


Dozens of companies such as Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, and Glossier have released campaigns promoting the no-makeup makeup look. All of the companies have extremely diverse shade ranges for their products and are promoting the use of makeup to enhance your natural features. Fenty and Rare have put out extensive shade ranges, boasting more than 40 shades each, so everyone will be able to find their perfect foundation. Glossier has also been praised for their inclusivity within their product lines. Additionally, influencers on every platform have been sporting this (hopefully long-lasting) trend, but none more than the current social media phenomenon TikTok. All of the app’s most followed users, including Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio, wear little to no makeup in their viral videos. The primary audience for these popular influencers is teens who are still experimenting and trying to discover their identity. This message of positivity and self-acceptance is absolutely a good thing for TikTok users to be seeing on their For You Pages. In a time where social media dominates how we perceive beauty, it’s relieving to know that there are many influencers who are trying to spread a message of self-love. Breakout star, Addison Rae, has even started her own makeup line called ITEM Beauty, which features mostly natural-looking products that are meant to highlight what you already love about yourself. This push for inclusivity within the makeup industry and across social media platforms is exactly what we need right now.


Addison Rae recently did a “Get Ready With Me” video for Vogue’s Youtube channel where she described her relatively short and simple makeup routine for viewers. In the video she promotes her own beauty line and addresses her belief in wearing makeup that makes you feel confident. Rather than covering up, Rae suggests keeping it light and fresh, letting your natural skin take the spotlight. No matter who you are or how you feel about makeup, there’s no arguing that this trend spreads nothing but positivity to young and impressionable fans. No matter how you choose to embrace makeup, there is a look and trend for you. Makeup is meant for everyone, so don’t be afraid to experiment and wear what makes you feel beautiful.


This is a burst of hope and positivity that I think is absolutely necessary. With all of the stresses of life these days, it’s comforting to be told that your natural features are beautiful. Influencers today are reinventing what makeup was once perceived to be. Rather than a tool used to correct your flaws, they’re advocating that makeup should be used to shine a spotlight on what you already love about yourself. It seemed like social media had always been trying to bring us down and worsen our already abundant insecurities, however, this new trend has restored what social media should be: a place where everyone feels loved and accepted.