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Sophomore fashion major, Sam Calitri brings her school smarts to the streets. She knew she wanted a career that would allow her to be creative, “I became a fashion major just because clothes and what styles were out there always intrigued me,” Sam explained. Being around art her whole life has given her a creative side that most people don’t have. “Being a fashion major lets me learn a lot about the business world as well.”

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Fashion majors at UD have an additional dynamic to everyday life. Do they have to dress the part? “There are days I put effort into my outfits, but there are definitely days when I walk into class with leggings and a big sweatshirt on,” said Sam. She explained how there are people in her classes that dress up more than the average student. “That makes me want to try a little harder too.”

Fashion is definitely a big part of her life. She is very interested in what other people wear, and often uses that as inspiration. “I think the way I dress really expresses who I am. It’s cool that everyone has their own style that shows who they are.”

Sam goes for a boho-inspired look when shopping around and putting outfits together. She wears a lot of loose and flow clothing and is into layering. As for colors, she sticks to plain clothes and neutral colors to make the layering look possible. Sam is a big fan of graphic tees and muscle tanks from Brandy Melville, here go-to store. “I love all the shirts with weird designs and sayings on them. I also like the loose fit that most of their clothes have.”

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Many of the people that inspire Sam’s style aren’t even famous. “I get most of my ideas when I am just walking around campus.” She tries to be strategic about her outfit ideas when she is out shopping or thinking about making a purchase. Sam asks herself if the new piece will go with clothes she already owns and what she can pair it with. She also goes to her Facebook friends and Instagram followers for ideas on what to buy or how to wear something.

In addition to being a Brandy Melville fan, she also likes Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.43.17 PMUrban Outfitters and Anthropology. “I actually love thrifts stores. I feel like I find some of my best clothes there.” Sam loves how unique all of the pieces are. She knows whatever she is buying is original and can contribute to her unique closet.

Every girl has their go-to article of clothing. Sam’s one piece that she could not live without are her black jeans with holes in the knees. “I wear them literally all the time. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of people wearing them around campus.”




Accessories are an everyday thing for Sam, “Sometimes I switch the necklace up, but I usually wear the same three rings, four bracelets, simple stud earrings.” Her newest favorite is layered necklaces and chokers. As for shoes, she loves adding some spunk with crazy shoes. Sam goes for anything from tall silver pumps to striped canvas shoes.

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Sam continues to be inspired by her friends and social media. If she could have one persons closet her choice would be Blake Lively, “I always love everything she wears. It usually has a boho look going on.” Keep an eye out for Sam on campus rocking her fashion major friendly, boho inspired look!


DeirdreWritten by Deirdre McAndrew. Deirdre is a senior English major with a minor in journalism and is the Junior Editor for UDress Magazine Online. She aspires to be a combination of Lauren Conrad and Carrie Bradshaw one day and hopes to work in editorial or PR. She loves fashion, lifestyle, Manhattan, and summers spent in Beach Haven, NJ. Keep up with her by following her Twitter @DeirdreMcAndrew and her Instagram @deemcandrew.

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