The Closet of Fame

The most iconic dresses from movie stars can be found in your very own closet. Finding garments inspired by the classics makes for the ultimate game of dress up. Find out how to emulate these starlet’s legendary fashions. Ditch the tub of popcorn and get ready for your close up!


Known as the original “Dancing Queen,” Ginger Rogers’ feathery frock has been envied by fashion enthusiast everywhere since 1935.  Rogers’ wore this gown for only one scene in the romantic musical “Top Hat.” This art deco patterned dresses with a boxy silhouette was the LBD of Hollywood in the 1930’s. Rogers was the first starlet to experiment with texture. making this dress so exceptional. The simplicity of this weightless dress makes it one that needs to be danced in. Rogers proved that feathers were a a femme symbol of elegance.


Flash-forward to 2016 and Americans have finally realize you don’t need a reason to get all done up. Oscar de la Renta has incorporated fluffy pieces into his spring line.  Instead of going with Rogers’ angelic white, de la Renta offers sky shades such as pale blue and yellow.  The neckline and straps are dotted with tiny flowers that make this look go from swing to spring. Pair with your favorite nude wedges or gladiator sandals and you’re ready for an outdoor gathering.


In 1967, Catherine Deneuve proved that a male work shirt can be worn by women in a feminine way. Collars are known to signify status and class, which is why they are worn for important things like class presentations and business meetings. It’s hard not to feel important going to class dressed like a professor. The French production team in “Belle de Jour” dressed Deneuve in a velvet shirt-dress in a silk snow to accent the collar and cuffs.


The classic black and white pairing is easily updated by color blocking.  Navy and seafoam or pink and red will make this look as dramatic as Deneuve’s. Actress Lucy Hale paired a loose mint skirt with a Deneuve-inspired top with a colorful coat to keep her warm in the city shade. For Spring time, ditch the velvet and go for a breathable cotton.  Instead of a knee-length dress that hasn’t been wore since 1960, seek a shorter, flowing collared shirt. Think of Deneuve’s look, but more polished and grown up. Become the “Beauty of the Day” in this French Couture.


Between Bean Boots, flannels, and scrunchies, it seems that almost everything from the ‘90s is coming back.  Michelle Pfieffer’s look in the blockbuster “Scarface,” is boosted by her Vixen wardrobe. Pfieffer’s lingerie-for-day became as expected as the cigarette dangling between her fingers at the end of the movie. Before the premiere of “Scarface” this look would have startled many in the late 1980’s.  


The satin material’s shine is sure to stand out in just about any hue. Pfieffer rocks royal blue, beadazzled smoke, and a fire-engine red.  To work this look into your nightlife, choose between the plunging neckline and the thigh-high slit. Fashion is a balancing act, and sometimes more is necessary. Update the look with a ribbon weaved strap in a complimentary color or by tossing on a blazer for some structure. Spice things up with Pfieffer’s smoky eye, dewy glow, and of course those ashy bangs!


Who doesn’t love Lucy? It has been over 50 years since the final episode aired and fans are still talking about this sassy redhead’s love of chocolate and trademark homemaker look.  Sometimes it is nice to step out of a stiff, corporate, three piece and back into a simpler garment. Navy blue, polka dots, and pearls are the not-so-secret ingredients of Ball’s wardrobe.


Today’s polka dots come in all colors, and have never truly left the runway scene.  As seen all across London’s fashion week, black polka dots in a see-through fabric are sheer genius. The peekaboo fabric enhances the helpless housewife apron-topped dresses of 1950’s sitcoms.  Since then, this timeless print has just gotten bigger, literally.  Making the dots larger than life accentuates the pattern in a fun and playful way. Take this look to a new level with wine-stained purples and burgundies. To keep conservative like Lucy, pair with nylons in one shade darker.  Turn pearls into diamonds with gilded gem-stone studs.


The most memorable part of the iconic film, “Grease” is Sandy’s wardrobe transformation. Olivia Newton-John proved that she was not “too pure to be pink” in an off-shoulder leather jumpsuit. Nowadays, jumpsuits can be the perfect alternative for formal occasions.


Be a modern-day Sandra Dee, without overdoing it. Leather has been popping up everywhere  in women’s fashion. Between embellished moto jackets and leather dresses, designers are given a black canvas to work with. Add some strong cuffs and a pair of cool shades to add some confidence to the outfit. Replace Newton-John’s teased curls with loose waves so fans can focus on your outfit.


Whitney Holveck is a marketing major with minors in advertising and fashion history and culture.  After she earns her degree Whitney would like to work in the merchandising field as a buyer.  However, until she becomes a professional shopper Whitney will be sharing all her  best shopping secrets with the students of UD.



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