Color Your Rainy Day

forestGrowing up turns the magical notion of a “rainy day” into a wasted day. There was a time when raindrops sparkled like glitter and reflected a second world. Now, the falling water soaks our shoes and chills our toes. It makes our long commute to work and school even longer. We have learned to dread anything other than blue skies and sunshine. What if there was a way to change our dreary outlook on rainy days? The solution is simple; we just have to add color.

Before the next rainstorm, browse the purple, red, orange, and classic yellow jackets for sale at the closest mall, department store, or website. Be adventurous, take a style risk, and buy one. Sarah Muldoon, a freshman at the University of Delaware, pairs her yellow rain jacket with flannels to remind her of a simpler time. “When I bought it, I liked that it was the traditional yellow color and it reminded me of being young again!” The bright colors will liven the dreary skies, and help to brighten the mood that results from walking to class through a temporary downpour.

umbrella and bootsWe all secretly love the one-of-a-kind, loud and chaotic patterns we see on rain boots. While they are a little too busy to wear on a sunny day, their colors shine through the overcast of the rain. Bad weather has a way of allowing us to throw out certain style conventions. Let’s take advantage of the  dreary weather, and use it to intentionally mix and match colors and patterns.

Wear an outfit that consists of colors that do not normally match. Sport a bright purple jacket with a bright orange umbrella. Likewise, do not be afraid to wear too much of the same color. Pair a red rain jacket with a red umbrella. If the colors start to drown out the rest of the outfit, add a black skirt and a tan or white shirt. The neutrals will lower the intensity of the red color.

Following these rainy day style tips will lead to a more stylish and playful you. Let your outfit transport you back to the lazy days of recess and packed lunches, when it was still fun to jump into puddles and catch drops of water with your tongue. How many can you catch?



IMG_1528 editMorgan Brownell is a sophomore majoring in Art with an Interactive Media minor. Her favorites include mint chocolate chip ice cream and a certain goldendoodle named Jakey. You can find Morgan wandering around campus, trying to find the most interesting angles to enhance her photographs.


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