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As the sun finally begins to shine, we can bring our springtime favorites out of winter retirement. For those seventy-degree days that aren’t quite warm enough for the tank and pattered shorts, match sandals with a pair of jeans to feel summery while avoiding the uncomfortable chill. Cuffed jeans draw the attention downward toward fun-colored strappy sandals. Think of this trend as a warmer version of this winter’s boyfriend & booties craze. Every girl knows that open-toed shoes require polished piggies at all times, so here is a couple of toenail polish and sandal pairings that add an extra “oomph” to your sunny vibe.

Pretty Piggies 1

Keep this in mind for the summer: the more strappy, the more sexy! Anything that laces up the leg is a flirty risk reserved for the summer. Take advantage of this summer-exclusive style by wearing the sandals with a flowy skirt. Make your vixen-like appearance seem more subdued by choosing sandals in a light neutral color like tan or Ballerina Pink. A dark nail color stands out against this barely-there colored shoe. Choose a midnight navy or metal gray instead of a basic black.

We often think of sandals as a look stolen from the gladiators. However, many ancient Native American tribes also made their own sandal shoes. In 2016, this look is kicked up a notch with brightly colored beads and patterns. Natural turquoise stones make this globetrotter shoe look more feminine. Pick a bright polish to accent colors in the strap’s Boho pattern, such as coral or melon.

Woven Mary Jane-style sandals can be worked into this spring’s shoe rotation. With a ladylike ankle strap and cap toe, these shoes are just as comfy as your average gladiator shoes. Pair them with almost anything to sneakily dress up an outfit for an event such as a barbeque. Even though these sandals might be classified as “closed toe,” your piggies still peak through the cracks of the shoe’s design. Paint your toes in your favorite vibrant red polish for a unique pedicure pop.

For those of you who get blisters on your feet from your sandals, toe ring sandals are a modern alternative. They fit like a flip-flop and look classy like a sandal. Even though toe ring sandals already look fabulous, add a dusting of glimmer to your nails with silver paint. A layer of extra shine makes your nails look healthier and feel stronger.

Pretty Pigges 2
Follow these guidelines and you’ll be “hot to trot” wherever your adventures may take you.



Whitney Holveck

whitney-holveckWhitney Holveck is a marketing major with minors in advertising and fashion history and culture. After she earns her degree, Whitney would like to work in the merchandising field as a buyer. However, until she becomes a professional shopper Whitney will be sharing all of her best shopping secrets with the students of UD.

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