Treat Your Feet

When navigating such a large campus, shoes3UD students do a whole “lot-a-walkie”. We average about five miles a day merely from zipping in between classes. UDress declares sneakers as the secret ingredient to maintaining a stylish college wardrobe. Luckily for us, the most trusted athletic brands such as Adidas, Nike and Converse have introduced classic sneakers made in fashion-forward patterns and hues. No more corny running shoes and mom jeans!

Iconic British designer Stella McCartney joined team Adidas for an eccentric take on sneakers in a “Leopard Blush” synthetic cotton. We’ve already seen leopard coats, clutches and even flats, so why not add some laces and a padded sole? The shiny champagne finish quiets the traditional leopard, making it more eloquent for everyday wear. A fine print in a neutral tone has the capability to stick around for any season and is worth the investment. Snag a pair from Anthropologie, but hurry: their designer lines sell out like a batch of Duck Donuts in the Purnell lobby!

A shoe that’s got some oomph is what we are all here for. Though the Nike Air Max’s have been around for years, they never fail to disappoint. Being patriotic is not just for July, backyard barbecues, and the Olympics; our top pick is the tricolored pair for those all-American girls. Don’t fret about finding garments to go with them; sneakers naturally work well with a variety of shapes and colors. Trust us, you’ll see.

Deviate from the norm of Converse and try a pair of the same shoe in luxe coated metal that can be taken for a spin from dawn to dusk. This season’s “Holiday Nude Collection,” is a great start for amateurs who are too shy for a bold pattern. Cream, gold or pale pink will forever be a solid choice. Walk to class in style, not in pain!




All Photography by Cassidy Edmondson.




Fresh off her internship with “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion,” Dallas Shaw, Whitney Holveck is ready now more than ever to share her best shopping and styling secrets with the students of UD. Spoiler: most of which involve a unique combination of necklaces, a splash of gold glitter, and of course, a pop of pink! On the off chance Whitney is not looking at clothes, she can be found at her desk eating an unhealthy amount of extra crunchy peanut butter, or out dancing to anything with a beat.

P.S. Did we mention she is slightly obessed with shoes?

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