A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping

Finding affordable yet fashionable clothing can be the greatest struggle for any shopper, but we are here to help with some outfit ideas and where to find what you need. These stores are close to campus and they are affordable on a college budget, so why not check them out?


Photo by Cassidy Edmondson

If you’re going for a twist on 90s trends look no further. The retro style jeans, grunge flannels and millions of crop tops will have you looking like you stepped out of the movie Clueless. The style is not all retro, though; there are lots of other trends stemming from joggers to bra-lettes. Employees are always ready to help you find your perfect look and there are always deals going on.


Photo by Cassidy Edmondson

While a little more expensive than some of the other, the clothes speak for themselves. If you, like many of us, look up to the style choices of your favorite models and celebrities, the Kendall and Kylie line might just be exactly what you are looking for. It is clear that the California lifestyle influences their decisions with a lot of skater/surf apparel. If that does not sound like your style, their neutral colors and variety of edgy crop tops, dresses, etc. are perfect for your next Saturday night.

If you are looking for another store that combines gifts & accessories with new types of fashion, then visit Francesca’s. It has the feel of a small boutique, which gives it an unparalleled charm. Along with clothing versatile enough to work for dinner with the girls as well as your next job interview, you can find hidden treasures throughout the aisles of the store.
The next time procrastination beats out the need to finish an assignment, take a trip to the mall and check out these awesome shops. They’re trendy, affordable and ideal for putting together your ultimate college wardrobe. See you there!


Photo by Leigh Deitz

Cover Photo by Leigh Deitz.


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