Bold and Beautiful

Do you ever browse the makeup aisles, see a jet-black lipstick or a neon yellow eyeshadow and wonder if you could pull it off? I’ve got an answer for you: you totally can. Makeup isn’t just for enhancing what you love and covering what you don’t, it’s also extremely fun. Changing up your look at will can be a perfect wayUDRESS3 to empower and express yourself. Going bold with your makeup may seem intimidating, but once you try something new and a little scary, you’ll be amazed at how much your confidence will grow!

Getting into the bright makeup groove is actually really easy. Especially if you’re antsy about trying new looks, it’s easier to take baby steps onto the dark side. If your usual makeup routine is foundation, lip balm, and mascara, just add in one extra product and jazz it up. Try a basic black liquid eyeliner and draw on a thick wing or pick up a bright lipstick. Then start wearing both looks together until it doesn’t seem so foreign. Then get wild. If you have trouble deciding what to try, pick something that will highlight what your best feature is. Do you get a lot of compliments on your eyes? Wear a neon eyeshadow to make them stand out. Strong cheekbones? Add on a bright cheek highlighter after you apply foundation to make them pop even more.

Untitled2There’s so many adventurous trends in 2017: glitter lips, blinding highlighter, neon eyes. They look beautiful on models and celebrities, so they’ll look beautiful on you! Trying bold products can be the perfect creative outlet, express how you’re feeling on a given day, or just to incorporate into your typical routine. My personal favorite look is metallic eyeshadow, a winged eyeliner, and dark matte lipstick for an everyday- but I’m no stranger to big makeup. Take inspiration from your friends and magazines, and find what works for you. Just a quick swipe of a bright color onto your face, and you can tell the whole world who you are, and perhaps get a little confidence boost too.

Photographs by Morgan Brownell.


img_2550Marina Boyd is a freshman Psychology major with an overgrowing obsession with makeup, pop punk music, and coffee. She wants to share her love for eye shadow and mug cakes with as many people as she can before eventually going to grad school and starting her career in Human Resources. Keep up with her on Instagram @_majobo or on Pinterest @marinajo98.

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