Serengetee is a way to incorporate giving back into your everyday life. Founders of Serengetee, Jeff and Ryan, are Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.55.12 PMfriends who travel the world buying fabrics from local artisans sell to support them and their families. All shirts, headwear, bags, and accessories are made and sold in Los Angeles and 10% of their profits goes back into charities to further support their cause.

On the website customers can search for fabrics based on geographical region, color, pattern, or cause. With causes like animal rights, clean water, arts and culture, disaster relief, human trafficking, poverty relief and many more, there’s so many different ways you can give back, while receiving beautifully crafted fabrics from all over the globe.

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Jinzu from Japan supports reef and ocean health.

Kwekwe from Zimbabwe supports work to help endangered animals.

Rio from Brazil supports microloans to women entrepreneurs.

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Tauranga from New Zealand supports saving our reefs and oceans

Kalasin from Thailand supports ending child sex trafficking in the country.



UD campus representative, Tierney Walton talks about view on Serengetee, and why she wants to stand behind it. IMG_5921-e1477975661692“Each pattern coordinates with a different cause, so there is really something for any person to get behind. The company’s attitude is something that I can relate to my own life and my desire to travel and create change in the world. The brand makes the world, as big as it is, feel small and accessible, like you can really make a difference and cause a positive impact somewhere even if that somewhere isn’t close to home.”

Follow Tierney on Instagram @serengetee_UD to learn more and to see how she represents the brand.

Serengetee brings charity and good works into the world of fashion, where it often has gone overlooked. It’s a refreshing change to the way clothing is often made and can be the start to a new way of helping the world. Getting involved can leave you looking and feeling good.

Check it out at

 Photos from Serengetee website.

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