Not Your Average Sunnies


Photograph by Elliot Chase


Sunglasses have been a huge fashion statement since the beginning of time. Now, a new fashion trend in the sunnies department has bloomed. People are no longer wearing your average brown or black sunglasses. Instead, sunglasses are now appearing in every shape, style, and color imaginable. There are endless options of the trendiest sunglasses. You will have a pair of sunglasses for every outfit you own. Big or small, round or square, you will be able to find the perfect pair of shades to bring out your highlights. Here are just a few examples of what exactly makes these sunglasses so modern and unique:



Photograph by Alexandra Nikolopoulos


Goodbye frame! A popular fashion this year is for sunglasses to not have a frame. This is done in many different ways ranging from mirrored lense cutout glasses to sunglasses completely made up of the same colored transparent plastic. Some of these plastic sunglasses may include frames but they are transparent. This style is a great way to add a simple pop of color to any outfit. With these new trends you cannot get enough color. The all-plastic and mirrored sunglasses use all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between.


Photograph by Alexandra Nikolopoulos

These new crazy trends can be overwhelming and sometimes you might just want to go back to the basics, a.k.a. the classic aviators. Although aviators can never go out of style, why not spice them up a little bit?! Now, you can find aviators with oversized or double bars. This small change in the classic style makes a big impact on your look. Recently, big sunglasses have been popular, and they are only getting bigger. This  trend that has been around for awhile but certainly has not faded. The bigger, the better!


With all these options of sunglasses you can’t just own one pair. Go out and get a pair for each outfit. Enjoy the sunshine and look fashionable doing it.




Photograph by Elliot Chase


Photograph by Elliot Chase







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