1970s Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Fall

1970s Trends That Are Making A Comeback This Fall

If one decade best represents fall fashion, it is (without a doubt) the 1970s. From the muted color scheme, flared jeans, platform heels and (of course) corduroy, it makes sense why most of the trends this fall originated in the disco decade. Everybody wants a little bit of 1970s fun in their wardrobe, so here are some ‘70s-inspired trends for you to roll with this fall.

Muted Colors

There is a reason why the color scheme for this fall looks so familiar. Seventies colors were muted warm tones including mustard yellow, brick red, avocado green, beige, and dusty rose. All these cozy shades are trending this season, which makes them the perfect hues for sweater weather.

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Shearling Coats

It cannot be fall without a statement jacket, and for inspiration this fall, look no further than the jackets in the ‘70s. Shearling coats were a huge trend in the ‘70s and are perfect for the fall season. Pair with your favorite jeans and say hello to Woodstock vibes.

Picture Creds: https://www.thecoolhour.com/2016/10/wild-heart-prism-boutique-fall/


Love them or hate them, fall is the time of the year for a classic pair of overalls. The ‘70s were all about jumpsuits and these denim garments were no exception. To make your overall outfit more ‘70s-inspired, wear authentic seventies colors.

Picture Creds: http://livvyland.com/2019/08/31/fall-outfit-retro-overalls-outfit-idea-modcloth/

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“Sunday Service:” Rumor Has it That Kanye Might Start a Church

“Sunday Service:” Rumor Has it That Kanye Might Start a Church

“Jesus Walks” 

God show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to break me down

(Jesus Walks with me)

The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now (I want Jesus)

(Jesus Walks)

And I don’t think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs

(Jesus Walks with me)

Jesus certainly does! Or at least that’s what Kanye preaches in his 2004 hit from The College Dropout . . . and potentially in his future “Sunday Service,” as Kim Kardashian called it.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sunday Service Kanye West

An article from The Christian Report offered insight into the possibility that the rapper and his choir seemed to rehearse for a gospel-like service. Kanye and Kim’s Instagram story recorded the choir singing “‘Ghost Town” from his latest album Ye, “Father Stretch My Hands” off of his self proclaimed “gospel album,” The Life of Pablo . . . [and] “Heard ‘Em Say” from his sophomore album Late Registration[.]”

On Twitter, both Kim  and Kanye hinted at the possibility of future services.

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Three Questions to Expect at an Interview and What Employers are Really Looking for

Three Questions to Expect at an Interview and What Employers are Really Looking for

“Tell me about yourself”

Uh . . .” Gulp.


Now is not the time panic and blank out as your potential employer looks at you, waiting for a response. Understandable as how even veteran employees become nervous and forgetful when hearing this question once again – straightforward yet vague, is there even a “correct” answer?


Obviously no, since everyone is unique and offers different skills and experiences. Thus, employers often start off with this question to get a feel for your personality and qualities that aren’t on your resume. However, there are rookie mistakes you should avoid when giving your answer.

To start, you don’t want to ramble about your life story, nor should you summarize your entire resume and sound like an automated voice messaging system. Though employers heavily weigh in professional experiences, it is smart to, without overdoing it, briefly mention personal interests to show that you’re well rounded.


The present-past-future outline from The Muse also incorporates your aspirations and goals. You could open up with your current position or activities you enjoy outside of work and transition into professional experiences from the past. Finally, you can end your answer with what you hope to take away from the job.

Why do you want the job

Another classic question – of course you want it, but how you do you say this?



First, you have to know why you want this job and how it can benefit you. If you can’t pinpoint a reason besides income as to why you’re interested in this opening, you might be better off searching for another job.



Even if it is only an entry level job, sound enthusiastic when you talk about the skills and experiences you’ll gain. Employers look for past accomplishments and work, but passion cannot be, like other qualities, shown on a resume.

Why Do You Want The Job​

In other words, why should we hire you?



In your head, you’re probably shouting because I’m freaking awesome, that’s why.

If only it were that simple!



Now is the time to sell yourself and convince an employer that you’re the best candidate. You can reiterate on your skills and experiences but also explain how you’ll enhance or fit in with the company’s values and vision. Employers ultimately gamble as to whether you’re a worthy investment of their time and money.