How Your Cosmetics are Effecting the Environment

How Your Cosmetics are Effecting the Environment

The beauty and cosmetic industry have always been a place with criticism as a result of their history of animal testing. In recent years, however, this has improved and there are many notable cruelty-free and vegan brands, but now there is a new issue on our horizons. As knowledgeable climate change activists, such as Greta Thunberg, receive more publicity, people around the world are beginning to acknowledge the effect we are having on our environment. Individuals have chosen to make changes in their lives, such as purchasing metal reusable straws as opposed to using plastic ones that end up in our oceans. Although these kinds of alterations can eventually make a difference, they are ignoring the industry which has a largely negative effect on our ecosystems.


Many luxury cosmetic brands profit off of the use of ornate and lavish packaging, which often allures costumers to their products. The downside of this type of packaging is how it is disposed of. Most commonly these packages are recyclable, and even when they are, consumers often toss them in the trash. Many sites have stated that the global cosmetic industry alone produces 120 billion units of packaging. Not only are these products difficult to get rid of, but making them in the first place is extremely water and energy intensive.


The largest issue, which is often forgotten or ignored, is the number of chemicals which go into our makeup. Although these have all been tested to ensure they are ok for our skin, it is unclear how they impact our ecosystems. When our makeup washes down our drains, the chemicals are spread through our sewers, oceans, lakes, and streams, eventually reaching the plants and animals in those regions. Through testing it has been discovered that these chemicals don’t break down, but instead accumulate together, and have led to the disease and harm of aquatic life. On top of that, the spread of these chemicals by rain water has allowed it to infiltrate our agriculture soil.

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There are many beauty consumers who have attempted to get ahead of these types of issues, and have become loyal customers to “natural” or “organic” brands. Unfortunately, these brands are not much better because of the methods they go through to attain their natural ingredients. In attempts to get their ingredients in a cost effective and fast way, there has been an increase in farming and mining, ridding us of our natural resources. This has also led to an increase in pesticide use and the implementing of poor labor practices on farms.


Other aspects of these kinds of cosmetics, which people often don’t realize, have negative effects are the use of microbeads. People often favor soaps and products with these microbeads to help exfoliate their skin, but what they don’t realize is that those plastic beads you use to wash your face are being spread to our oceans. Not only is this bad because they take years to biodegrade, but they can also be ingested by fish and other aquatic animals. By way of the food chain, effected aquatic life ultimately makes their way back to us.


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Fortunately, many companies have been formed or revamped with the mission of creating an ecofriendly beauty community. Some steps which these companies are enforcing are the use of recycled packaging, water-free products, and renewable energy. If you are looking to create your own Eco-Friendly beauty routine, here is a list of 10 natural, environmentally safe brands:

  1. Ecco Bella
  2. NYX
  3. Tarte Cosmetics
  4. Physicians Formula
  5. Lush
  6. Ilia
  7. RMS
  8. Kjaer Weis
  9. Elate Cosmetics
  10. Body Shop
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Euphorically Euphoric

Euphorically Euphoric

The show everyone keeps talking about with makeup looks that just won’t quit.

If you are a teenager or anyone who keeps up with pop culture, you probably heard of HBO’s Euphoria. The show highlights the lives of suburban high schoolers as they try to find themselves with the assistance of alcohol, drugs, and sex. Skins 2.0, the show is a representation of an overly dramatic youth culture, and it only makes sense that the character’s makeup would be on theme.

How could you not adore the perfected looks that these characters have? Though a typical high schooler may not wear these looks, seeing the characters be in somewhat of relatable scenarios sporting dramatic looks is inspiring. Makeup is a part of the story with a handful of the show’s characters and plays as a metaphoric symbol in specific episodes.

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The makeup artist behind the genius of these looks is Doniella Davy. Her signature looks utilize bold colors, glitter, rhinestone eyebrows, and intricate eyeliner designs – just a few examples. The looks never cease to disappoint and have inspired a makeup movement with the show’s audience. Davy states that she gets her inspiration from the late ’60s and ’70s, according to her interview with Vogue. The show’s popularity is due to the messages it sends its audience to be brave and be one’s most authentic self. Why be conventional is the question the series consistently challenges.

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The character with the most iconic looks is Maddy (Alexa Demie), with her striking eyeliner detailed with rhinestones perfectly outlining her eyes. Jules (Hunter Schafer) comes second with her creative makeup looks using more neon eyeshadows and lively colors. Kat (Barbie Ferreira) has more of a dark gothic look, and her looks consist of smoky eyes and an eye-catching red lip. Rue (Zendaya) is more of a tomboy and does not follow suit. However, in the scene where she has glitter tears running down her cheeks is mesmerizing.

If you take a look at Davy’s Instagram, it is amusing to see all of the engagement her fans have with her looks. As they recreate her makeup and tag her handle, they reflect her rebellion to society’s beauty standards. Generation Z can’t get enough of the idea of self-expression, as this is so crucial in having confidence. Euphoria is an oasis of teens becoming who they are and explores why teenagers make rash decisions throughout the dark and distorted reality of the series. These looks only add to the drama.

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Bold, Fun, and Creative: The New Launch of Glossier Play

Bold, Fun, and Creative: The New Launch of Glossier Play

The whole idea behind the new line is based on what makeup essentially should be about – having fun, creativity and self-expression.

Glossier, the trendy, Instagram-able brand started by blogger Emily Weiss, is known for standout skincare products like the Milky Jelly Cleanser and natural makeup products like the Boy Brow. The brand has announced the launch of a new line of makeup products called Glossier Play. The whole idea behind the new line is based on what makeup essentially should be about- having fun, creativity and self-expression. The brand can now represent both sorts of makeup lovers from those who love the dewy, natural look and those who want to take more risks with their look.



Here is a look into the new product launches for Glossier Play:

Glossier Play

New Product Launches

Niteshine, $20

You can never have enough highlight, right? Niteshine is a beautiful, liquid highlight in four pearlescent shades for every skin tone. For a subtle shine it can be mixed into foundation or the product can create a show stopping-glow when blended into the skin.

Glitter Gelée, $14

An easy to apply, one-swipe glitter to add a pop of shine in the inner corner or on the lid. The glitter gel eyeshadow comes in four jewel tone metallic shades that are wearable and great for nights out to add more of a punch to your makeup routine.

Colorslide, $15

A range of 14 different shades of colorful, waterproof eye pencils. No more to wearing plain black eyeliner, this range includes a beautiful teal for a pop of color in the waterline and a moss green shade to switch up your everyday brown or black shade.

Vinylic Lip, $16

A non-goopy lip gloss in six beautiful shades from a pinky nude to a bright orange, there is a color for everyone to rock. The comfortable formula combined with the click pen packaging really makes the product shine.

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