What to Do If You Lost Your Job

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Discouraged and hopeless may come to mind when thinking about how layoffs, furloughs, and canceled internships have become the norm in response to COVID-19. Now transitioning into the summer, many of us anxiously await for post-crisis opportunities amid a market heading into an unprecedented recession. Though openings remain scarce, there are concrete actions you can take from home to prepare yourself for long-term change and stand out amongst potential candidates.

Here are five steps that can make a difference in times of fear and uncertainty.

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Ask for recommendation letters

As you update your resume and LinkedIn, think about former colleagues and alumni associations you could reach out to write on your behalf. Now more than ever, people seek authentic voices. Stories about your trust and accountability add more value and say more about you as a person than condensed, bulleted summaries.

Increase your online visibility

Even if you lack experiences with SEO, or search engine optimization, you can add keywords and phrases that reflect qualifications sought out by the desired company and/or role. On LinkedIn, utilize the summary section to highlight the attributes that separate you from the crowd and support your personal brand image.

Even without coding skills, you can also build an online portfolio. Many software programs offer drag-and-drop options, and I started a blog on Wix before transitioning to WordPress for sharing my passion projects and past, published work.

Prepare for online interviews

Shifting to remote hiring and interviewing, though unexpected and uncomfortable for some, should not hinder you from thorough preparation. As if in-person interviews weren’t stressful enough, we now think about our camera angle and internet connection. If worried about how you look and sound on video, you can do a test run with a trusted friend or family member who would be willing to offer honest feedback.

We also joke about dressing up from the waist up, but you may be surprised about how video cameras pick up color and lighting, even if unflattering. Consider what people wear in your industry and how you wish to present yourself.

Suitably Starter Kit

Master the cold email template

Though intimidating, sending a cold email can help get your foot in the door. Remain wary of sounding professional versus pushy, but don’t be afraid to space out a second or even third follow-up email if you don’t initially hear back.

Check out this article on Suitably for a free, cold-email template.

Learn new skillsets

No one can deny COVID-19’s long-term effects on the skills necessary for the workforce. Many colleges now offer free courses for us to immerse ourselves in.


For more advice and resources, check out Suitably and Well Suited.

A Glitch in the System

A Glitch in the System

Rewinding to the past and Time Traveling into the Future – Revamping Old School Glam

Most of us presumably scoff when our parents and grandparents reminisce about the quote-on-quote “glory days”; we cannot seem to fathom a life behind today’s digital age. The absence of scrolling for hours on Instagram, snap chatting every second and every moment of our lives and sitting in bed shopping on Amazon Prime – without a doubt, technology allows us to seamlessly execute tasks with speed and precision and, more importantly, little time. In return, today’s fashion blatantly reflects the rapid pace we push ourselves to and applaud, part due to the easy use of electronic devices and part due to the trickle-down effects on our fashion. Effectively, techno RTW pieces suffice for weaving in smartphones into work clothes and sportswear (evident with neon metallics and neo pre-2010 athletic wear).

Pre-influencers and coining the terms “e-girl”, “feminist” (or even “meninist”), and “Fitbit” – we can wax poetic about the saturation of western influence in fashion, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Though UDRESS’ 2019 fall theme “A Glitch in the System” encompasses our current tech-obsessed lives plus possibilities for defining what lies ahead, we should ask ourselves who and when did people start breaking barriers for style and self-expression – certainly neither during the stiff Victorian decade with the predominance and prizing of the Gibson Girl. Of course, we can (and should) address the flappers of the 1920s. Nevertheless, this culture shock in fashion and feminist culture only stepped back into retrograde come the depression and patriotist-focused period of WWII clothing. Fast forward about 20 years, we start exploring artistic roots and music composition of the 1970s, when we can explore what started with an “Oddity” (hint hint) in the men’s fashion scene.

Our knack for nostalgic and unapologetic quirky aesthetics trace back to the birth, perhaps, our embracement of androgynous fashion with David Bowie. Fluid and flamboyant, Bowie flaunted sleek suits in addition to soft silhouettes that hinted at Asian inspiration. Collaborating with Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, Bowie and his geometric ensembles plus his “White Duke” suit commenced revolutionary changes for men’s fashion, which had been subtle and far from revolutionary pre “Ziggy Stardust”. Today we look to the unapologetic aesthetic of those of Billie Eilish and the kooks and rebellious quirks of Lil Xan. We strive to put on a show with our Euphoric makeup and neon PANTONE color palettes; in short, we currently crave bigger and better and seek more and more due to radical influencers who shaped our perspectives on fashion and personal expression for the better. 

However, the shift to RTW throughout the 20th and 21st-century left a detrimental carbon footprint on what remains of our finite resources. Thus, “A Glitch in the Surface” also attacks the fashion industry’s sustainability problems and lack of regulations for ethical production and consumption. The fall 2019 semester theme touches on surging the influence of technology on style and toying with speeding the pace of introducing inclusive trends. However, the underlying irony is that UDRESS wants to spread awareness about slowing practices in the fashion industry as well, for self-expression and creative indulgence should come not at the cost of exploitation of neither resources nor people. 

Changing Perspective After Freshman Year​

Changing Perspective After Freshman Year

New challenges, exciting adventures, and changing perspectives after your first year as a Blue Hen 

For over 4,000 Blue Hens, freshman year is in its final stretch as May and UDRESS‘ Spring 2019 Launch Event approach. Though hectic and fast-paced, the end the spring semester is one of the most memorable times for students – especially for freshmen. Many first-year Blue Hens choose to rush sororities or fraternities, join clubs, and participate in community service events. It is normal to struggle with the transition from high school to college, but campus involvement presents opportunities to meet peers outside of class and challenge yourself. For many students, freshman year in college is the first taste of freedom and independence and though challenging at times, the first year at college allows for personal growth and development.  



Oftentimes, freshmen enter college coming from the top of their high school class only to find that they struggle to adjust to professors’ work load. Many are shell-shocked at the rigorous courses and e have difficulty navigating exams at the college-level. Freshman are not only challenged college academics, but first-year students also have to adjust to new peers and social scenes. Some freshman find their closest friends during the first week of fall semester, while others do not find their “crew” until late spring. 



Freshman year shows students that learning is done both in and out of the classroom. Juggling social life with school can be stressful and overwhelming. However, balance and understanding your personal needs and limits are keys to success. Many freshmen feel the need to compare their GPA or friend groups to those of their peers, but college is, ultimately, a personal journey unique to each individual.

Peaks of Perspective

Peaks of Perspective

Expect anything out of the ordinary.

Shifting away from Flourish, Perspective for UDRESS’ spring 2019 theme will focus on breaking boundaries rather than flaunting personal flair. Expect anything out of the ordinary. Pastels and prints appeared in the Flourish issue, but Perspective brings bolder colors and plays with contrasting graphics. Experimentation comes to UDRESSers when thinking about Perspective. Through a millennial voice, the upcoming issue offers insights on keeping an open mind and contemporary cultural changes. The fashion publication aims to present its readers with the challenge of thinking outside of the box. Questioning the norm and shattering stereotypes – risk-taking is encouraged, whether finding kooky runway inspiration or putting together a quirky fashion ensemble. Without a doubt, the spring 2019 issue will motivate readers to step out of their comfort zones.


Fall 2018 Fashion Event

Flourishing Flashbacks of Fall 2018

In the midst of the chaos of the new academic year, UDRESS students let loose to flaunt their more playful sides.at Trabant MPR

UDRESS presented students with refreshing and rejuvenating content for fall 2018. UDRESS emphasized wellness and showcased splashes of fun in both the print magazine and at the Fall Fashion Event at Trabant MPRs. Writers provided overviews of youthful fashion trends, such as prints and color, and synopses of popular books for young adults. The #athleisure movement also moved its way into the Flourish issue. At the Lil’ Bob Gym, several models showed off their muscles in practical yet trendy sportswear. Finally, no UDRESS issue would be complete without some #foodie content; recipes used protein powder and fruit – college staples for a healthy semester.

Light appetizers and merchandise booths commenced the fall 2018 Fall Fashion Event. The university’s own a capella groups opened the runway show before models strutted on the MPR stage-turned-catwalk that featured everything from gowns to ‘90s grunge. UDRESS prides itself on having a diverse range of models that represent all types of students at the University of Delaware. In regards to stereotypes, co-model coordinator Amanda Defilippis, senior communications major, told students “throw them away” before the runway started. This confidence-booster eased models as they stepped on the catwalk in front of their peers and loved ones.



In the midst of the chaos of the new academic year, UDRESS students let loose to flaunt their more playful sides. Each team within the RSO diligently worked on its delegated task and helped compose a high-end and cohesive issue.

Designer and Model Bari Blanco on How UDress Supports His Goals​

Designer and Model Bari Blanco on How UDress Supports His Goals

Read about how designer and model Bari Blanco is involved with the publication

Photographs: Instagram @bariblanco

Sophomore apparel design major Bari Blanco at the University of Delaware joined UDRESS during his freshman year. He first learned of the student-run fashion publication through his peers, who told him about model opportunities for the show and print magazine. Today, Blanco continues to model and additionally submits clothing to be featured in UDRESS.

UDRESS is a dream come true,” Blanco stated.

The real-life experiences present opportunities to model and showcase his work. He recalls his favorite memory of a photo shoot in Philadelphia and explains how supportive the UDRESS team was.


Blanco plans to build his fashion and model portfolio, and UDRESS is the perfect place to unleash creativity and step out of one’s comfort zone.

Meet the Team

Spring 2019 UDressers

Perspective Team