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Starbucks Now Delivers in San Francisco Through Uber Eats: Expansion to Follow

Starbucks Now Delivers in San Francisco Through Uber Eats: Expansion to Follow

After having successful test runs in Miami back in fall 2018, Starbucks announced in December its plan to provide delivery services from 2,000 stores in the US by 2019. Why the change? Though coffee sales continue to flourish in America, the famous coffee supply chain struggles to compete against businesses. Think McDonald’s and Wawa (who sell a Cup of Joe for less than $5) – even Starbucks’ most popular lattes and espresso drinks cannot win. 


With an additional $2.49 delivery fee, hopefully, the new Uber services will become another source of steady income. In addition to delivering through Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks added services in San Francisco starting on Tuesday, January 22, and will add Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. in the spring.


 Starting delivery services should bring Starbucks more customer loyalty. Especially for employees who work a typical eight-hour day from 9-5 in addition to taking care of a family – stopping and waiting for coffee is not a priority, nor is it reasonable. Now, hustle-and-bustle Americans can order Starbucks with the simply use of an app at the convenience of their own time. Though some people prefer Wawa and Dunkin drinks over those from Starbucks’ (specifically, the prices), coffee-enthusiasts will feel more inclined to consistently invest in $5 Starbucks’ because of its new fast and furious delivery services.

The Female da Vinci in Fashion: What Iris Van Herpen Showed Contemporary Couturiers About Innovation

The Female da Vinci in Fashion: What Iris Van Herpen Showed Contemporary Couturiers About Innovation

The gap between science and art ceased to exist in the Dutch designer’s spring 2019 line.

Think Edwin Hubble meets Vincent Van Gogh – in 21st-century couture, Iris Van Herpen comes to mind as a modern visionary. Whether you work as an aerospace engineer or label yourself as a post-impressionism connoisseur – anyone can admire her innovation and creativity.

Van Herpen stunned the world with her spring 2019 collection named “Shift Souls,” which integrated concepts from astronomy in wearable art. Her celestial-inspired line and light-up heels rose to Instagram fame, and Vogue commented on how her whimsical collection “might translate to greater visibility for Van Herpen; and with two full days of shows to come, it set the bar high.”

The Vision

When looking for inspiration, novice couturiers often rely on divergent thinking and dismiss considering concepts in STEM. However, in times of technological advancements and scientific discovery, designers should look to pull abstract ideas from quantitative concepts and real-world problems. Van Herpen’s memorable show proved that the most cutting-edge designers reach success by working like both scientists and artists.  



For Shift Souls, Van Herpen worked alongside Kim Keever, a former NASA engineer, to design translucent organza gowns and face-molding metal jewelry. Van Herpen contrasted hard and soft elements, such as pairing structured silhouettes with light pastels, to toy with overlapping of science and art. Rippling fabrics mirrored elongated brush strokes of an early 1900s painting, and geometric shapes resembled patterns found in star charts.



Commencing the show, a barefaced model, drowned by a sea of sapphire blue folds, gracefully walked down the catwalk in an off-the-shoulder gown.  Long kimono dresses came out on the runway until the transitioning into opaque above-the-knee dresses. Layers of sheer fabric, outlined by prominent black lines, molded the shorter looks into radial silhouettes that mimicked planets’ orbital routes. In addition to jewel-toned solids, analogous and complementary ombrés illustrated galactic colors on garments. The elegant textiles and linear motifs sent waves of calming energy into the audience and, moreover, exhibited Van Herpen’s mastery in using science as a part of her creative vision.


The show took a dramatic turn once the lights dimmed and models entered the catwalk for their final walks. During the finale, the runway transformed itself into a sci-fi setting. Watching in awe, audience members saw glow-in-the-dark heels strut across the stage to conclude the “shift” in Shift Souls. Through juxtapositions between design and engineering in addition to presenting a futuristic feel – Shift Souls perfectly captured the dissonance and beauty in outer space.


Similar to how the Renaissance man relied on ratios to build a balanced composition in The Last Supper, the Dutch couturier used astronomical concepts to design one-of-a-kind eye candy in Shift Souls. Couturiers need not to include glow-in-the-dark shoes to have a ground-breaking collection, but designers who find means of having STEM as the basis of their craftsmanship are respected as both creators and problem solvers. Vogue praised the Van Herpen for her success in Shift Souls, as she is one of the few contemporary couture designers celebrating discovery and exploration. Though traditional couture laws remain static, failure to follow pioneering visionaries like Van Herpen could mean jeopardizing credibility as an innovative couturier in years to come.

Simplifying the Crazy K-Beauty Routine: Easy Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Simplifying the Crazy K-Beauty Routine: Easy Ways to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

When one thinks about skin care, South Korea’s iconic beauty industry comes to mind. South Korea’s mastery of skin care is praised around the world but comes with a price – for both your wallet and time. It is common for Korean men and women to spend spend multiple hours a day pampering their skin and applying cosmetics to create that desired dewy glow, and thousands of dollars are spent in a year on serums, moisturizers, toners – just to name a few products – to accommodate the 10-step K-beauty routine.


Many South Korean celebrities swear by their extensive routines, but this should not be necessary to feel youthful and rejuvenated. Using dozens of products and spending endless hours in front the mirror may seem necessary for a clean beauty look. However, you can narrow it down to a few staple products and basic makeup techniques. Anyone can follow K-beauty trends – without having to break the bank and take away valuable free time. Here are quick and easy ways to simplify the complex K-Beauty routine for the same results.

Basic Skin Care –  a dewy face can start from simply a daily cleanse and moisturizing every morning and night. Your face will appreciate less layering of makeup and intense washing every day, and over time your skin will feel more refreshed and open up its pores
A Dab of Concealer – no need to apply a full face here – to avoid a cakey appearance, little dabs of concealer are sufficient to even out your complexion

Straight brows

3. Straight brows – unlike sharp brows in the west, brows in Korea are soft and straight. The slight definition is just enough to frame the face without overwhelming it. Youthful brows can be achieved through light strokes layered on top of concealer around the brow area that covers flyaway hairs. Check out this post by The Raeviewer for a more in-depth explanation as to how to achieve straight brows.

Tinted Lip Balm

 Tinted lip balm doubled as blush – two-in-one? Yes, please! Ditch the bronzer and skip to a baby pink hue for flushed cheeks. Quick to apply if you are running late and want warmth in the face. The Baby Lips line by Maybelline are favorites by both beauty enthusiasts and those who simply want an additional pop of color without the hassle of wearing lipstick.

Winged eyeliner and Shimmery Shadow

A straight or angled down “puppy-eye liner” instead of a cat eyeliner makes for for innocent eyes. If you’re scared about using liquid or gel liner, it’s easiest to start with a lighter hand and gradually work your way towards a thicker line.

Face masks

K-beauty staples, facial masks bring the spa experience at your own fingertips. Clay, cream, sheet, exfoliating - just to name a few types of facial masks, there is one for every skin type. Not only do they come in a variety of forms, but the scents and packaging are fun and adorable as well.

Healthy Diet and Enough Sleep

These two should be common sense, but your skin, and overall health as well, need a balanced diet and enough sleep to look and feel at its best. Though you don’t need to resort to extremes, your skin will thank your choices to eat desserts in moderation, limit alcohol consumption, and drink more water.

We want to mimic the K-style “cutesy” makeup, but feeling comfortable in your own skin is the more important than any makeup routine. At the end of the day, makeup should only embrace, not determine, your confidence.

Meghan Markle’s Involvement with Greek Live at Northwestern University

Meghan Markle’s Involvement with Greek Live at Northwestern University

The Duchess of Sussex rose to fame in the United States entertainment industry through playing the fictional character Rachel Zane on Suits. Before having a flouring acting and humanitarian career in the States and later marrying the Duke of Sussex in the spring of 2018, Markle studied at Northwestern University, where she is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Photograph from Express / Getty Images 

Leading up to Meghan and Harry’s Royal wedding, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s sisters reflected on how Markle carries out the sorority’s core values of “inspiring others and making a positive impact in the world.” Carli Hahn, a sister from a Florida chapter, told Express that she believes “Meghan will be able to use the skills she’s learned and use them with her new role in the royal family.”Liz Kores Graham, who rushed with Markle during their freshman year, described how “Meg was sort of always this ethereal, sophisticated, beautiful creature who lived with us and was always willing to lend you a top” and additionally commented on Markle’s diplomacy when conflicts arose between the sisters.



In 2014, the former Suites star visited Northwestern, where hundreds of students piled into Ryan Auditorium to hear to Markle speak at a panel discussion. She talked about her participation in the university’s Dance Marathon and joked how the local “24-hour Burger King also definitely helped me put on the Freshman Fifteen.” North by Northwestern also documented Markle’s reminiscence of using fake I.D.s to work at a bar in Chicago get into the Keg.



Though highly accomplished, Markle once lived a life much like many students today.


Humor Column: Freshman Survival Guide

Humor Column: Freshman Survival Guide

Of course, you’re excited to say “sayonara” to your bum high school, boring hometown, and toxic ex you still to run into at Target (yikes!). And you’ve finally made it to “the best four years of your life” as they say.

Or so you thought. Your psychotic parents, who you actually love to death, pulled out of the parking lot. Now, you just want to curl up in a ball and cry. You don’t have your best friend to rant to or your ex to hook up with (oops) to forget about all problems in the world. As my professor kindly put it, how do you respond when life hands you a “big bucket of suck?”

Like every other froshie, you’re probably lost as hell trying to find your way across a new campus full of big, scary college kids. You have a decent amount of common sense and avoid asking the druggie as to where the student center is, but that leaves you walking around in circles around the food court. Thankfully, we have Google Maps to solve this problem. If you crank up the volume, Google Maps can yell out where your next destination is for all of the kind upperclassmen to know that you are, indeed, clueless on campus.



The next step to survive as a college freshman is to limit time spent outside of your safe, secure dorm to only class and the library. Your rollercoaster emotions are draining enough. Why bother with healthy distractions – clubs, greek organizations, community-service groups – to take away time and energy from earning that 4.0 that every employer absolutely gives two craps about.



So you made the decision to devote the best four years of your life to the library. Though you have the willpower to memorize human anatomy from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., your brain cannot help but think of that cute boy sitting next to you and funny memes your ex sent five minutes ago. The solution? Addy, addy, and more addy! Don’t worry – you don’t actually need a legit diagnosis of ADHD. As long as you can study for those 12 hours, the super study tool did its job.



But enough about hitting the books – time for the meat and potatoes of why you came to college. For most students, going to college means endless nights of partying. If you’re a newbie, you’re probably fretting over what to wear and what to expect at your first night at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.



I mean, it is a frat party. This is the perfect occasion to whip out your nicest heels and cake on layers of makeup for everyone to admire in the basement. You were also looking at that cute guy at the keg, right? Don’t sweat it if you can’t scoop up Mike for the night as he’s grinding on Jessica in the corner.



College dating can be complicated, but only if you make it be. It’s great if you’re seriously trying to initiate a relationship with a special someone, but remember to make the most of your bachelorette days by hooking up with every brother in that particular frat before time runs out. Your special someone will understand. Brad himself is probably asking Britney to send it before he gets stuck with a stage five clinger like you.



In short, college makes it hard to juggle boys, books, and booze all at once. Fear not! These foolproof pieces of advice will make it seem as if you’ve had your act together from the start. With this new confidence, you’re bound to be mistaken for a fifth year super senior.



Joking aside, college freshmen struggle to adjust to a new lifestyle. The discomfort stops many first-year students from wanting to meet new people and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones. The freedom in college also allows for wild nights and great memories (or lack of) with friends, but it is important only do what you feel comfortable with and keep your goals in sight. A respectable GPA is important to your employer (and your parents, too). However, being a well-rounded student allows for more personal growth and shows more character than any number can. Though you will have bumps in the road over the next four years (and life after graduation), surrounding yourself with supportive peers and having a variety of interests both in and out of your professional industry will help you get through that “big bucket of suck.”



Chase that degree, get those internships, have fun, and be safe.

Three Ways to Make Overnight Oats – Easy and Simple Recipes

Three Ways to Make Overnight Oats - Easy and Simple Recipes

Students, often those who are stuck with 8 A.M.s, skip breakfast. Though convenient to simply roll out of bed and spring to Smith Hall, taking the time to eat breakfast should be a priority. Your body needs fuel to jump start the day, and breakfast gives you energy to last long classes and walks across campus.


Moreover, most of us lack the time to make breakfast. However, with these simple and easy overnight oat recipes, you can roll out of bed and shove something down to eat before rushing to your lecture hall.

Healthy Eating

Overnight oats

Oatmeal Recipe



Layer ingredients into a mug or mason jar and let it sit overnight and add toppings the following morning.


Strawberry Banana

  • sliced banana
  • quarter cup of cut up strawberries
  • chocolate chips

Oats Smoothie

  • sprinkle in oats in smoothies
  • smoothie: blend

Blueberry Banana

  • quarter cup of blueberries
  • tablespoon of peanut butter
  • sliced banana

2019 Makeup and Hair Trends – Runway Edition

2019 Makeup and Hair Trends - Runway Edition

How should we do our hair and makeup for the upcoming spring and summer seasons? While most people use budding season and warmer temperatures as excuses to go lighter on the face and au natural with the locks, 2019 resort and spring runway models showed us else wise; if anything, we need to cake on more eye shadows (while avoiding the dreaded middle school look) and take time to play with our hair. Tedious? Conceivably. Worth the drama and flair? Absolutely.

On the Runway

Strong Brows

If you choose to bare it all, predominant brows help accentuate your features. Attention is drawn to the upper half of the face in which a bold lip flatters naked eyes, proved by models for Miu Miu. Bold brows make the wearer appear more youthful yet decisive and headstrong. Thankfully, bold brows are beauty staples that will stick around long after summer 2019.

Tight Braids

For her 2019 resort collection, German fashion designer Jil Sander presented crisp and clean-looking models, many of whom slicked their hair back and separated tresses with a middle part. Some models additionally styled locks into super tight braids. Benefits of a braid (or two) are that it tames flyaways, and heat is not necessary to create this look. Make this hairstyle more sleek by wrapping strands around the hair tie.

Electrifying Eyeliner

Eyes stand beautifully on their own, but neon colors on the ‘lids transform a bland look into either something refreshing for the day or a surprise for the night. Though many people choose fluorescent hues, white can also make a daring statement. Whether you apply a wash on the entire lid or choose to only drag a line near the lashes, people will notice you from miles away. A model for Christian Siriano wears pink eyeshadows to compliment the designer’s ready-to-wear dress.

Metallic Lips

Tight Top Knots

Glitter took over Jeremy Scott’s show, where both loose and foil-esque glitter sparkled on lips. When looking at the models, Halloween and aliens may come to mind. Yes, these two fit perfectly with metallic lips. However, a dramatic gloss can also achieve the same effect without going overboard.

Backstage at the Fendi spring 2019 ready-to-wear show, four models pose for the press. Rather than loosely bunching hair at the top in relaxed messy buns, models’ tresses are slicked back into tight top knots. To ease the tension, pull some strands of hair down to frame the face.

Best Places to Shop on a Budget

Smart Shopping

Best Places to Shop on a Budget

$5 shirts? Yes, please!

As college students,

We have lots of expenses to cover. Books, supplies, rent, food – sometimes, it seems impossible to squeeze in updating your wardrobe into your budget. However, there are college-budget-friendly stores that sell hidden gems for reasonable prices.


ThredUp is an online consignment and second-hand e-commerce platform.  First-time shoppers get 20% off, and deals run as low as $0.99. Popular brands include Urban Outfitters, Nike, and Adidas.

Image from Dressember


Though prices at JCPenney start at middle-tiers, semi-annual sales drop costs by 60-70%.


ASOS offers student discounts, and clearance items are often reduced by up to 80%.  ASOS sells second-hand merchandise  on its Marketplace website.

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“Sunday Service:” Rumor Has it That Kanye Might Start a Church

“Sunday Service:” Rumor Has it That Kanye Might Start a Church

“Jesus Walks” 

God show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to break me down

(Jesus Walks with me)

The only thing that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now (I want Jesus)

(Jesus Walks)

And I don’t think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs

(Jesus Walks with me)

Jesus certainly does! Or at least that’s what Kanye preaches in his 2004 hit from The College Dropout . . . and potentially in his future “Sunday Service,” as Kim Kardashian called it.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sunday Service Kanye West

An article from The Christian Report offered insight into the possibility that the rapper and his choir seemed to rehearse for a gospel-like service. Kanye and Kim’s Instagram story recorded the choir singing “‘Ghost Town” from his latest album Ye, “Father Stretch My Hands” off of his self proclaimed “gospel album,” The Life of Pablo . . . [and] “Heard ‘Em Say” from his sophomore album Late Registration[.]”

On Twitter, both Kim  and Kanye hinted at the possibility of future services.

(Header image: IMDB)