Three Questions to Expect at an Interview and What Employers are Really Looking for

Three Questions to Expect at an Interview and What Employers are Really Looking for

“Tell me about yourself”

Uh . . .” Gulp.


Now is not the time panic and blank out as your potential employer looks at you, waiting for a response. Understandable as how even veteran employees become nervous and forgetful when hearing this question once again – straightforward yet vague, is there even a “correct” answer?


Obviously no, since everyone is unique and offers different skills and experiences. Thus, employers often start off with this question to get a feel for your personality and qualities that aren’t on your resume. However, there are rookie mistakes you should avoid when giving your answer.

To start, you don’t want to ramble about your life story, nor should you summarize your entire resume and sound like an automated voice messaging system. Though employers heavily weigh in professional experiences, it is smart to, without overdoing it, briefly mention personal interests to show that you’re well rounded.


The present-past-future outline from The Muse also incorporates your aspirations and goals. You could open up with your current position or activities you enjoy outside of work and transition into professional experiences from the past. Finally, you can end your answer with what you hope to take away from the job.

Why do you want the job

Another classic question – of course you want it, but how you do you say this?



First, you have to know why you want this job and how it can benefit you. If you can’t pinpoint a reason besides income as to why you’re interested in this opening, you might be better off searching for another job.



Even if it is only an entry level job, sound enthusiastic when you talk about the skills and experiences you’ll gain. Employers look for past accomplishments and work, but passion cannot be, like other qualities, shown on a resume.

Why Do You Want The Job​

In other words, why should we hire you?



In your head, you’re probably shouting because I’m freaking awesome, that’s why.

If only it were that simple!



Now is the time to sell yourself and convince an employer that you’re the best candidate. You can reiterate on your skills and experiences but also explain how you’ll enhance or fit in with the company’s values and vision. Employers ultimately gamble as to whether you’re a worthy investment of their time and money.

How to Rock Athleisure Without Looking Like You Came Straight from the Gym

How to Rock Athleisure Without Looking Like You Came Straight From the Gym

As college students, we’re always on crunches for time. We struggle to squeeze in studying, extracurricular activities, and fitness during one day. Consequently, many of us choose to rush straight from the gym to class rather than skip working out all together. Sometimes, the only options for clothes are what we wore on the treadmill a few hours ago. Though this sounds unsanitary, few wish to lug an additional outfit later in the day.


Thankfully, we saw the athleisure boom throughout the past few years, in which now it is socially acceptable to wear sportswear outside of the gym. We no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look trendy; however, we still want to look put-together and fashion-forward when wearing sportswear on the streets.


With the athleisure boom, we can incorporate some of our gym attire into ready-to-wear looks. Here are five ways that you can mix athleisure into your outfits that don’t make it look as if you just finished a 30-minute HIIT routine.

Sweats and a bomber jacket

Last year, Adidas joggers blew up your Instagram feed. A sleek bomber jacket adds a city flair to these sweats, stripes or no stripes. Another unexpected pairing is wearing fitted sweats with a button-up shirt for a casual look.

Erik Scholz/Lookbook

Off-White Neutrals

Bella Hadid

The illusion of a straight silhouette flatters the body and shows off its curves. In 2017, Bella Hadid was captured in all white at LAX Airport.

Ditch Neon

You don’t want your clothes to read ‘80s fitness commercial. Instead, choose a monochromatic color palette. Monochromatic outfits not only elongate your figure, but neutrals in particular rarely seem tacky and are always in style.

Sneakers with Trousers

Who What Wear
Who What Wear

Nothing says athleisure quite like sneakers – a staple shoe for not only gym rats but also for the modern fashionista who wants to look effortlessly cool. A professional-looking pair of pants counterbalances the casualness of trainers. Bonus if the pants are wide-legged or printed for more drama.

Who What Wear

Windbreakers with Jumpsuits

Though we laugh when thinking about cheesy tracksuits from the past, we love jumpsuits today because of their versatility all year long.

Wearing a light windbreaker, an article of clothing that athletes swear by for warming up and cooling down, over a jumpsuit is the perfect street wear combination in spring, when temperatures start to rise, yet we still need additional layers for bipolar temperatures and sporadic thunderstorms.

Baseball Caps

You don’t need be a part of the Kardashian klan to rock a baseball cap like Kendall Jenner does. The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

Styling athleisure shouldn’t be overthrought. Though you want to look put-together, your main priorities are comfort and convenience. Athleisure promotes innovative streetwear that doesn’t involve uncomfortable heels and stiff dresses. More importantly, athleisure encourages healthy living that will, hopefully, not go out of style beyond 2019.


Cheers to more hours in the gym and sneakers in your wardrobe.

Tips for Oily Skin

Skin Care

Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin needs as much – if not more – TLC as normal or dry skin types.

The CHallenge

Over cleansing the face damages dries up your outer layers flesh (though it may not feel like it). At the same time, abandoning to care for the skin altogether fails to combat the greasiness that begins to drown your T-zone mid-day. 

Consequently, those with oily skin fall victim to having limited options for skincare routines. Fighting oily skin is a frustrating battle to overcome. 


However, using the right products and going through a cautious skin routine, your face will feel more refreshed overtime.

Take care of your t-zone

Explained by licensed cosmetologist Jen Adkins, the T-zoneconsists of your forehead, nose, and chin. These are common places on our face that have excess oil, acne, and blackheads for people who have oily or combination skin type.” Though oils on your cheeks and eyelids build up throughout the day, focus efforts on caring for the three areas in the T-zones that are more prone to grease.

mattifying moisturizers

There is this misconception that oily skin does not need moisturizer. However, hydration is necessary – even when it seems as if moisturizer is the last thing that you need – for irritated skin. As mentioned earlier, the right products will help tame the oils your body produces. Applying an oil-free or mattifying moisturizer will get the job done without adding more shine. Products from Neutrogena and The Body Shop don’t break the bank, either.


Oatmeal masks are not only easy to make, but they benefit nearly every skin type, especially oily skin. To recreate Allure’s three-ingredient recipe, mix one raw egg and one tablespoon of lemon juice with ½ cup of cooked oatmeal. The oats soothe agitated skin, and the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAS) in the lemon juice “ binds surface skin cells together, allowing dead ones to be whisked away. This “glue” becomes denser as we age, slowing down the natural cell-turnover process that reveals younger skin.”

Have awareness of Foods that effect hormones

An imbalance of hormonal levels leaves both the body and the skin prone to more grease buildup. Find Your Glow Nutritionist Zoe Dent dvises that in addition to sugary foods, eating “dairy and gluten and not enough healthy omega-3 fats, zinc, probiotics, vitamins A, C, E and protein (collagen especially),” worsens the imbalance. Though these are not the direct catalysts for facial acne and blackheads, oily skin would benefit from smarter food choices.

Avocados and nuts are not only healthier fat options, but they are also fun to snack on and add on top of salads and side dishes.


Your face will thank you once you ditch the setting powder and start using some blotting sheets. Easy to carry around, blotting sheets can be applied anytime for quick touch-ups, whether after the gym or after a greasy cheat meal. If not using them already, blotting sheets should move towards the top of your shopping list, as they can also remove oils from the hair and phone screen. What’s not to love?


Are Memes Unhealthy? Study Shows the Detrimental Effects on Your Wellbeing

Are Memes Unhealthy? Study Shows the Detrimental Effects on Your Wellbeing

Kids idolize them. Parents are appalled by them. Elders become lost trying to decode what today’s youth mean by them. “Memes,” regardless of your opinion, have undoubtedly changed our means of interpersonal and mass communications. After all, it’s completely logical of the world to compress our acrimony and passive-aggression into an image of Kermit the Frog sipping Lipton Tea. There’s also rationality behind our thinking Brads and Chads in Pi Kappa Pi signify fraternity douchebags and Caucasian aristocracy, right?


We can’t deny, nor stop laughing over, the angle of truth memes shine light on. However, non-meme enthusiasts who struggle to grasp the concept of Grumpy Cat (sorry, grandma and grandpa) are, more than likely, disillusioned as to what the f*ck popular culture is like in 2019.


In our minds, memes perfectly summarize the universal feelings of dog sh*t you and ecstasy we constantly experience everyday. We then take these images, tweets, and videos to not only bring attention to our own thoughts, but memes are used to additionally acknowledge current events and celebrity news (both fake and actual). Memes are relevant to the particular time and are easy to connect with; thus, it’s no wonder as to why memes have the god-like powers of connecting hundreds thousands of people – this time, through reshares and likes for these humorous and relatbale images.


So, what are the drawbacks to these internet sensations?


The wide range of applications and increasing popularity of memes makes us yearn for recognition for these relatable posts. After all, there is no better accomplishment than receiving thousands of affirmations from Instagram-users, who double tap your memes and respond with, what other than, more memes. Consequently, we’re hungry to highlight unhealthy mannerisms for likes and publicity. For instance, Paper Magazine featured an October 2018 study composed by Loughborough University that exemplified obesity in the UK. The study found that “memes that make light of or promote unhealthy dietary habits normalize that unhealthy behavior among teens.” Most people are aware of the dangers of obesity on the body. However, we dismiss how many meme-lovers today – most of whom are millenials and youth – take a serious problem like obesity and use it as an opportunity to transform a victim into an internet star.


This sounds grave – even inhumane. Regardless, this is how we make popular culture “popular” in the 21st century – through consistent meme consumption. To draw the line between memes and reality, we must identify the irony and message behind the light-hearted meme. What does the meme imply, which parties does the meme involve, and what does the meme bring attention to? We don’t need to reiterate on how memes bring us pure joy, as they’re mean’t to be taken only with a grain of salt, and at the end of the day, our appreciation for sarcastic, amusing memes isn’t the problem. The problem commences when our appreciation takes suffering and turns it into an affliction for likes and comments.

How to Appreciate Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

How to Appreciate Valentine's Day if You're Single

As yet another Valentine’s Day approaches, you find yourself, once again, bitterly scrolling through anti-cupid memes on Instagram and eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that you impulsively purchased from the P.O.D. market. To say that it sucks not having a SO on Valentine’s Day is putting it nicely.


It’s easy to curl up in a bawl and whine to your roommate about cuffing season. You think it’s impossible, but turn this soul-sucking negativity into a wave of positive energy. At the end of the day, you’ll appreciate the healthy relationships, romantic or not, you already have in your life rather than wallow over couples in the media.  



Prior to romantic relationships, we experienced some type of love during our youth. From who did you feel love early in your life? Reflect on the important people – such as your parents, best friends, and siblings – and the impact each person had on you. Whether it’s through a phone call or simply telling someone face-to-face, let people know how much you appreciate them. Not only will this put a smile on their faces, but you’ll feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you made someone happy as well. Valentine’s Day is geared toward romantic partners. However, we can all commemorate the spirit of love by honoring cherished ones who showed us compassion and selflessness.



Even if you’re not in a relationship, celebrate Valentine’s Day traditions with friends and family. For example, western culture perpetuates the need to buy chocolate and flowers for your SO. For single people, alternatives are eating junk food with your roommates and decorating your dorm in Valentine’s-Day themed decor. Bonding over being single may seem silly to some, but the joy from spending time with any loved one beats pouting over the absence of a romantic relationship.



Finally, how do you coop if all of your friends are cuffed?



To start, props to you for surviving as a #thirdwheel. It sucks in the meantime, where it seems as if you have no one to hang out with on February 14. If all else fails, stay as busy as possible – finish all of your homework, update your resume, or simply take the day to fully focus on self-care.



Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel – someone who truly despises Valentine’s Day because you believe that you’re #foreveralone – try to see February 14 as just another day on the calendar. Just a warning, it might suck in the meantime as you and your peers enter the peak of cuffing season. On the flip side, you should applaud yourself for not having to rely on someone else for your own happiness.

Perfect Pants: Stylish Alternatives to Jeans

Perfect Pants: Stylish Alternatives to Jeans

The start of 2019 brings us new perspectives, new plans . . . and “new” pant styles! After twenty years of wild trend experimenting in the ‘80s-’90s, fashion slowly conformed itself to more simplistic styles until the 2010s. Today, we no longer fear sporting statement pieces and have gone back to quirkier pant trends; Specifically, trends such as prints and leather have returned. We still love classic, timeless jeans. 


However, sometimes – either after scrolling through Instagram’s top fashion accounts or flipping through the latest issue of Vogue – we want to make a bolder statement with our clothes. Bringing back fashion from prior decades adds a surprise zest into an outfit, and fashion-forward pants are perfect for those who wish to dress up without making it seem as if too much effort was put into an outfit.


Runway shows in 2018 gave us Exciting Previews of pant trends for upcoming seasons. For his Spring 2019 ready-to-wear show, Yves Saint Laurent presented leathers pairs for both men and women.

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2019


Innovative styles are always on the runway, but we can’t ignore what fashion is right in front of us on the streets. On her blog, Rachel Zoe is photographed wearing red, high-waisted printed pants matched with a crisp trench coat.


Dressed up or down, a flare towards the bottom of the leg makes a grand statement. Wide-legged pants quickly made their way around the internet in 2018, and the silhouette is expected to return once again for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

Though people restrict themselves to wearing looser pants in warmer temperatures, sharp blazers and heels make wide-legged pants appropriate year-long.


The breezy, effortless yet luxurious look of pleated pants make them a staple piece that the minimalist wardrobe. Even when paired with the most basic pieces of clothing, the pleats help an easy-going outfit have flare and drama.

Try some of these trends, and prepare to make a statement in 2019 – one leg at a time.  

Bold Lip Shades for Every Skin Tone


Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it a million times from either our mom, aunt, grandma, best friend, etc., etc., etc. We’re taught from day one this unofficial official rule that your lipstick must compliment, never contrast, your makeup. This is appropriate for the office and meeting your SO’s parents, but sometimes we want our lips to be the star of the show. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

As Gwyneth Paltrow said, “[b]eauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” For every skin tone, there exists a shade of lipstick that perfectly pops.

Lip Colors for 

Fair Skin

For blonds and redheads, shades of wine make bold statements can be seen from a mile away. Though the lips look luxurious on their own, warm eyeshadows make for a rich fall beauty look.

Take cues from actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone, who sport vampy lips and copper on the eyes.

Lip Colors For

Medium Light Skin

Proven by Youtuber Shannon Harris, a matte lip in Barbie pink brings out your inner girly girl. The Barbie pink neither overwhelms nor becomes washed out by your complexion. During the day, compliment this lip with a simple shimmery eye or amplify the lips at night with a dramatic cat eyeliner.


Jamie Chung

Let’s talk about mediums and magentas! Taking on a more pinkish hue than wine, magenta brings out the warmth and radiance in medium skin tones, demonstrated by the bold lip on actress Jamie Chung.


The suede shade by NYX will last you the entire night with limited reapplying.

A fuschia adds this energy and jolt to the lips without looking trashy or cheap. Both matte and sheer lipsticks will do medium dark skin tones justice. Keep the eyes light and make the cheeks dazzle with electrifying highlighter.

Medium Dark

Lip Colors For 

Dark Skin

Corals can work for all skin tones but especially flatter darker skin tones. Sudanese model Alec Wek sports a glossy coral. The color – strong enough on its own – makes a powerful statement without needing warm eyeshadpws to compliment the lips.

Business Success Through Sustainability: Patagonia’s Glory in Retail and Environmental Conservation

Patagonia is a go-to for many college students. Relaxed, easy-going merchandise is offered for men and women, and the brand’s emphases in staying active and spending leisure time outdoors attracts a wide range of customers. 


Patagonia seems to have it all – the name brand, millions of followers on Instagram, appealing apparel, ad an exciting lifestyle. Activewear brands like the North Face and Columbia have these as well. But what activewear companies lack is involvement in sustainability like Patagonia has.

Many retailers target younger consumers. Today’s millennials push for conserving nature, and since Patagonia’s mission statement corresponds with their value of environmental awareness, consumers feel more inclined to invest the money in the middle-tier merchandise. Patagonia’s mission statement reiterates the clothing company’s belief that the solution to “limit ecological impacts is with goods that last for generations or can be recycled so the materials in them remain in use [and] [m]making the best product matters for saving the planet.” Patagonia acts on its mission statement through active involvement in collaborating with environmental organizations and selling of used merchandise on its website Worn Wear.

1% of Patagonia’s sales goes towards environmental organizations that restore and protect natural life. In addition to offering monetary donations through its membership in 1% For the Planet, Patagonia Action Works connects environmentalists to groups involved with promoting sustainability.

Patagonia’s blog The Cleanest Line focuses content on active life and sustainability. The Cleanest Line is another creative outlet for Patagonia to reach customers and, once again, prove the company’s devotion to helping the environment.

Consistent brand imaging and attractive merchandise can only take a company so far. Helping problems relevant to the current time and place add more layers to success, and public awareness of this involvement brings more business in the long run.

Author: Sarah Carlson

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

" our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits . . . [and] embodies our desire for playful expression. "


2019 has us Saying goodbye to Ultraviolent and welcoming Pantone's New Color of the Year

Pantone’s purpose in having a happy-go-lucky feel is for the hue’s energy to translate into a positive attitude. Inspired by the environment, Pantone chose Living Coral as the 2019’s new color of the year to remind us to stay connected to our natural surroundings when we live in a digital culture. The brightness and zest of Living Coral alerts us to step back from technology and soak in earth’s vibrant beauty – specifically, earth’s beauty and color under the sea.

Similar to how we need to be attentive to conserving the ocean’s reefs, we should be mindful of how Living Coral will be used in the creative scene. In fashion, designers incorporated this warm hue on the runway for their spring 2019 collections.

Acne Studios presented a blazer and pants in  muted-versions of coral. A baby blue blouse in addition to a peach tie were paired with the ready-to-wear look. On the other hand, Christian Siriano took a more literal approach to using coral in his spring collection, where the matching heels pull together the wispy sections of fringe on each dress. Sies Marjan showed a flowy orange-red resort dress that is perfect for traveling around Europe in the summer or spending an evening on the shore.  


As we move into 2019, we should celebrate Living Coral in addition to the budding season by incorporating more color into our fashion. Living coral is perfect for fashionistas who want to add warmth to an outfit but without the fierceness of red and boldness of yellow.

At her 2015 Resident Advisors red carpet premiere, actress Jamie Chung made a splash by wearing the hue from head to toe. Not exclusive for clothes, Living Coral can be found in our accessories and makeup as well.

Youth adore the Swedish company Fjällräven’s  and its hip and trendy backpacks. Fun accessories are subtle ways to add color if you are initially intimidated to wear bright hues. If you want to go all out, coral eyeshadows by Huda Beauty with gold inner corners transition your makeup from spring to summer-ready.

Have fun showing off Pantone’s Color of the Year as the weather becomes warmer and flowers start to bloom!

Author: Sarah Carlson

College Hookup Culture: Healthy or Heartbreaking?

Sex and Relationships

College Hookup Culture: Healthy or Heartbreaking?

some want the “smash and dash”

others would rather wait and pass

For many students, college means the end of lying to mom and dad about sleepovers with your significant other, romantic interest . . . or person who you met at a party less than three hours ago.

Things got steamy, and suddenly you find yourself with the option to head home with practically a (sexy) stranger. It remains a question as to how you want to “spend the night.” For some, the answer is a no-brainer, especially if in the midst of cuffing season or post seven shots of Tito’s. But for others, small voices inside the brains push for spontaneous fun, but their hearts want to save sex for someone special someone (or at least for a time when you’re soberer). When alcohol and late nights in crowded basements and bars are involved, it’s highly likely that you’ll come across situations when you have to decide if casual sex is an option or not. Consider arguments on both sides as to whether casual sex benefits or harms your personal well being.


Assuming that you aren’t tied to a relationship, hooking up can fulfill physical needs with no strings attached. Whether your partner is an ONS or “f*ck buddy,” you can feel short-term satisfaction without the burden of devoting time and emotional commitment. Several partners (and using protection each time, of course) also presents chances to experience a variety of techniques and positions for you to find out what you enjoy in bed. Hooking up allows you to not only learn from multiple people but also teach others through pleasurable experiences. Thankfully, we live in a time in which it is socially acceptable, if not the expectation, by most people for college students to be sexually active, even if not in a relationship. If anything, western culture makes college hookup culture the epitome of making the most of your bachelor or bachelorette days prior to marriage.


Though it has its pros, the “hump and dump” is not for all.


To start, casual sex is not the safest way to have intercourse with someone. You put yourself at risk when exchanging bodily fluids – essentially having sex with all of the other people your partner has screwed with. The risk rises after too many drinks; though some find appeal in care-free, sloppy, it can be difficult for both people to clearly communicate and give consent.


Though we’re warned about the safety concerns in casual sex, health class did not teach us about the messy emotions that can arise from intercourse, hookup or not. If hooking up, it is assumed that no one should expect anything long-term to come from the sexual encounter(s). However, that isn’t to say that A). this isn’t impossible and B). someone can’t help but “catch feelings” for the casual partner. This can become even more complicated if someone loses his or her virginity through a hookup and regrets it afterward. In short, hookups are meant for intense thrills, but it’s easy for someone to get hurt.


Though you know what’s best for your body and mind, inner conflicts make it difficult to come to a decision if haven’t thought about it before. Regardless of the reasoning behind your sexual encounter (or lack of), both partners should show respect and ask for consent.


Author: Sarah Carlson