Perfect the Pastel Hair

Perfect the Pastel Hair

A Personal Perspective on Pastel Hair

Along with the more futuristic and trendy theme of this issue, one major beauty trend that I follow is pastel hair. I dyed my hair pastel pink last summer, and it was one the best choices I have made due to the compliments I receive but also feeling like I’m out of fantasy movie.

From pink to blue to silver – these days, there are so any color options and products to choose from when dyeing your hair. Here I have a few recommendations that I love as well as some tips and tricks when dyeing your hair.

Picture credits: Emmy Villiger

Before I get to some awesome products to try out, I want to also give a few pieces of advice:

Tip One:

Lighten your hair. Although an annoying process  for your fabulous unicorn hair to show up, your hair needs to be a light blonde which can be natural or bleached. (If you don’t want to fully commit to full-on bleach, I suggest to get blonde highlights which I get to help my hair stay a little healthier but still get a similar affect.)

Tip Two:

It’s an investment. In terms of dyeing your hair and maintaining the color, it takes some amount of money; however, there still lots of versatile options that won’t cost hundreds of dollars.

Tip Three:

It’s not permanent. Probably one of the best things about colorful hair is that it so easy to change in terms of color and also effect. There are one-day lasting colors, colored shampoo and conditioners, semi-permanent dyes etc.

Now for the fun part…

1. Overtone

One of my favorite products is the Overtone Coloring Conditioner Mask that you leave it in for 20 minutes. Coming in so many colors for both light and dark hair, it is a great product to help maintain your color also to try out a color since it only lasts about a week. Loreal also has a shampoo and conditioner as well.

2. Loreal Colorista Range

Another option at your local drugstore is Loreal’s Colorista line. They do not have as many color options but offer great options to try out new colors that are easy to apply.

3. Kristen Ess Temporary Tint

Picture Creds: @kristen_ess
Picture Creds: @kristen_ess

Shower color tint is perfect to top up your color or add a tint of a fun for a few days. It is easy to apply and to remove (plus it smells like tutti fruit bubblegum). This spray is only offered in rose gold and lavender at the moment but they are expanding the range soon.

4. Bleach London Products

A little more expensive of an option but these hair products from Bleach studio based out of London have a great range of shampoos, conditioners, toners, and bleach kits in every color under the sun.

Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

The last few weekends in April always fills Instagram
feeds with Coachella pictures; although repetitive, there is some great desert-chic outfit inspiration to look at.

Bold Graphic prints and Pops of Color

(Photo credits @maggierodgers) One of the performers at the festival wearing printed checkerboard pants and a graphic tee – the best part of is her bright red sunglasses which pulls the whole look together.

Leather Accents

(Photo credits @gretchengeraghty) The Instagram influencer is spotted wearing a black leather cut-out body suit, star printed shorts and the staple bandana.

Tie Dye All the Way

(Photo credits @gigihadid) The model wears a loose tie dye vest and layers of colorful jewelry.

Breezy and Free

(Photo credits @vanessahudgens) The boho queen of Coachella wears a flowy, white maxi skirt and large brim hat.

Fringe Frenzy

(Photo credits @shaymitchell) It’s not Coachella without lots of fringe. Shay Mitchell wears a black knitted, fringed body and silver jewelry.

In With the Flow

(Photo credits @lydia_connell) Flowy dresses are the silhouette of Coachella – of course paired with round sunglasses, braided hair and lots of layers of dainty jewelry. 

Flower Power

(Photo credts @@ttyteala) Floral prints, muted color scheme and knitted, embroidery are some other key fashion elements worn by festival goers like @ttyteala.

Bold, Fun, and Creative: The New Launch of Glossier Play

Bold, Fun, and Creative: The New Launch of Glossier Play

The whole idea behind the new line is based on what makeup essentially should be about – having fun, creativity and self-expression.

Glossier, the trendy, Instagram-able brand started by blogger Emily Weiss, is known for standout skincare products like the Milky Jelly Cleanser and natural makeup products like the Boy Brow. The brand has announced the launch of a new line of makeup products called Glossier Play. The whole idea behind the new line is based on what makeup essentially should be about- having fun, creativity and self-expression. The brand can now represent both sorts of makeup lovers from those who love the dewy, natural look and those who want to take more risks with their look.



Here is a look into the new product launches for Glossier Play:

Glossier Play

New Product Launches

Niteshine, $20

You can never have enough highlight, right? Niteshine is a beautiful, liquid highlight in four pearlescent shades for every skin tone. For a subtle shine it can be mixed into foundation or the product can create a show stopping-glow when blended into the skin.

Glitter Gelée, $14

An easy to apply, one-swipe glitter to add a pop of shine in the inner corner or on the lid. The glitter gel eyeshadow comes in four jewel tone metallic shades that are wearable and great for nights out to add more of a punch to your makeup routine.

Colorslide, $15

A range of 14 different shades of colorful, waterproof eye pencils. No more to wearing plain black eyeliner, this range includes a beautiful teal for a pop of color in the waterline and a moss green shade to switch up your everyday brown or black shade.

Vinylic Lip, $16

A non-goopy lip gloss in six beautiful shades from a pinky nude to a bright orange, there is a color for everyone to rock. The comfortable formula combined with the click pen packaging really makes the product shine.

Image Sources: Glossier

From the Runways to your Instagram Feed: Easy Spring Styles to Implement in Your College Wardrobe

From the Runways to your Instagram Feed: Easy Spring Styles to Implement in Your College Wardrobe

Although there will always be days when a messy top knot and sweatpants are necessary, there will be other days when a still bit of effort put into your outfit can really boost your mood. After NYFW and other fashion shows have come to an end, the new trends and inspiration for spring are bold, retro and fun but can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of some trends for spring that we love shown both on the runway and on Instagram to change up your style this semester:

1.Layering upon layering

Both Images: Paper Magazine

Transitional style or just spring style in general is difficult to master due to the constant weather changes. Someday it can be boiling and other days kind of cold. Whether throwing on jeans, a tee, and a coat or adding a sweater any of these ways are both practical and fashionable.

2. Prints and Pastels

Fun prints and pastels scream spring and are easy additions to make your wardrobe pop. A floral print romper to wear to class or pastel pants to brighten up an outfit are great pieces to try out.

Photograph: Yannis Vlamos

Instagram: @Freddy

3. Going back to the '70s

Denim, graphic tees, burnt orange, turtlenecks, bold prints all encompass the decade of the 70’s and influence the runway and streetstyle of today.

Photograph: ImaxTree at Victoria Beckham

Instagram: @tesschristinexo

4. Bring on the Bold and the Beautiful

Photograph: Vogue

Over-the-top frills and ruffles on dresses and even more vibrant colors filled the runways. A massive, ruffle hot pink dress might not be the most appropriate style to rock in the classroom but integrating these fun and bold colors into more casual apparel is an easier task.

Instagram: @thepatriciabright

5. Wild for Animal Print

Instagram: @whaelse
Photo: Imaxtee at Anna Sui

A simple pair of jeans or a plain white tee can be easily jazzed up with a leopard or snakeskin print item, which is not too over the top for class.

6. Shoulder Pads Are Back and Are as Big as Ever

An oversized blazer or coat can make any outfit look more put together- pair a blazer with a cute graphic tee or a skirt and longline coat.

Imaxtree at Saint Laurent

Instagram: @alexcentomo