2019 Spring Launch Event

2019 Spring Launch Event

On April 28th, 2019, the spring issue of UDress magazine launched. This year’s theme was “Perspective”, and UDress held a lunch event to celebrate the release of the new issue. Before the fashion show began, guests enjoyed hor d’oeuvres, browsed among the vendors, participated in raffle giveaways, and had a chance to flip through the Perspective issue.

All Photographs: Marissa Cuka

Blue Hens in Blazers is run by UD’s Student Government Association. They collect gently used business and professional clothing for students to have easier access to when preparing for interviews and internships.

Campus Reps from Rent the Runway were also at the event, and had tons of goodies like hair ties, stickers, pins, and cute pencils for guests to pick from. Rent the Runway is an app that allows you to select four clothing items to “rent” for the month with a membership, and then return at the end of the month.

Hayden Boutique had a selection of clothing and accessories for sale at the event. There were a ton of different options to browse through, from jewelry, tops, rompers, and 2 piece sets. Guests were able to do a little shopping before the fashion show started, and could even purchase some pieces featured in the show.

For dessert, guests had D’Astoli’s Cannolis. The cannolis were homemade by a UD student and were delicious!

For entertainment, guests enjoyed music by DJ Tyler Licata, acapella performances by the CresHENdos, a dance performance by the dance group Afrodisiac, saxophone covers by Khayden, and live music by Corn and the Husk. Each entertainment group did an amazing job performing, and the guests were able to get a look into the talent on UD’s campus. 

Five Self Care Ideas

Five Self Care Ideas

Students can easily get caught up in the stress and pressure of college, so it is important to take time and focus on wellness. Practicing self-care doesn’t require a glamorous night of pampering; it can be as simple as focusing on your breathing. Self-care helps you do the best that you can for yourself, and in turn helps you do your best every day.

Students can easily get caught up in the stress and pressure of college, so it is important to take time and focus on wellness. Practicing self-care doesn’t require a glamorous night of pampering; it can be as simple as focusing on your breathing. Self-care helps you do the best that you can for yourself, and in turn helps you do your best every day.

1. Stay Hydrated


There are so many health benefits to staying hydrated, but it also helps with clearing skin and even improving your mood. Investing in a cute water bottle is an easy way to stay motivated about hydration.

2. Journal


This is a great way to de-stress and can take as long as you want. Journaling about your whole day is one option, but keeping a gratitude log, writing down one good thing that happened that day, something that you learned, or just a good memory are easy ways to check in with yourself daily. Even if you need to rant or let out your feelings, writing is a great outlet.

3. Take a Break


Everybody gets tired and needs a break in order to recharge and be able to tackle the rest of the day. During your break take a nap, go on a walk, or listen to some music.

4. Do Something You Love


It’s easy to forget about the things you love when there is so much that needs to get done first. Taking at least half an hour to do something for you is extremely beneficial to your mood, happiness, and wellbeing.

5. Talk to a Friend


Whether you need to vent, get advice, or just talk, turning to a friend (or anyone you trust) is a way to relieve any stress you may be dealing with. This can help you see things from a different perspective and let out any frustrations. This tip is also a reminder that it’s okay to turn to others instead of solely relying on yourself.

Environment and Ethics in the Fashion Industry

Environment and Ethics in the Fashion Industry

Environmental issues are extremely important in today’s society. Recycling, conserving water, and saving energy are all great ways to be conscious, but the fashion industry- on a manufacturing and consumer based level- has a major impact on the environment as well. Clothing production and certain fabrics have damaging effects on the environment; the industry is the “second biggest consumer of water and is responsible for 8-10 percent of global carbon emissions” (UN Environment). Additionally, fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon release plastic into oceans, which is eventually consumed by living things.

Photo credit https://pin.it/ekkqu4er5ger52

With the rise of sustainable companies like The Little Market, Vitamin A Swim, Outdoor Voices, and Patagonia, the controversy and conversation surrounding the ethics of clothing companies has increased. The United Nations Environmental Assembly recently launched the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion in order to encourage a more ethical and sustainable industry. Other agencies have also taken action by creating programs such as Blue Fashion and The Ethical Fashion Initiative, which promote sustainable production of clothing.

Photo credits https://www.thelittlemarket.com/pages/values

Carbon emissions, water consumption, and materials used to produce clothing are not the only issues rooted in non-sustainability. The fashion industry can provide jobs for artisans and farmers. Providing these opportunities to victims of violence, people living in marginalized communities and areas of poverty and hardship allows the individuals to develop a variety of skills. This is not only an opportunity for a job; it is an opportunity to create a new path. Ensuring safe work conditions and fair pay is also a major component of an ethical industry.

Photo credit https://pin.it/liblzei45r6lib

Raising awareness of the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment will help advance the efforts toward producing and purchasing clothing in a conscious way. Consumers can make a difference by researching companies, production methods, and taking simple steps such as purchasing less but high quality clothing. By joining the sustainability movement, the fashion industry can help facilitate a healthier planet and empowerment for workers on a larger level.

Photo credit https://pin.it/d4mnhzen2ifrvp

Finding Balance as a College Student

Finding Balance as a College Student

When there is so much to do that you do not know where to start, it can be easy to get lost and feel stress. Practicing better productivity habits allows you to take control in the process of balancing your life.

College is about finding balance. Classes take up most of students’ time, along with homework, studying, assignments, and exams. Naturally, students also want to spend time with friends, dedicate time to other organizations, and simply need time to relax and recharge. Finding this balance requires time management and productivity. When there is so much to do that you do not know where to start, it can be easy to get lost and feel stress. Practicing better productivity habits allows you to take control in the process of balancing your life.

It starts with mindset. It is easy to feel like you are drowning in work sometimes. A way to conquer this is to focus on getting one thing done at a time. Write all of your assignments down in an agenda or a notepad. Lists are a great way to see everything that needs to be done, and checking off each task as you get them done adds a feeling of accomplishment and productivity to your day. If stress is still building up, keep reminding yourself that you will get it done. That small amount of reassurance can get you far.


Make sure you add due dates and take into account how much time you may need for each assignment, and then prioritize your tasks in the way you see fit. If it is a 250-500 word assignment, sit down a few days before and get it done so you have time to edit and polish your work. If you have a big exam, set a designated time each day to study and stick to it.

Get really specific about what you want to accomplish each day. The more flexibility that you give yourself, the less accountable you will hold yourself, which is why discipline is a major key. Finding the motivation to complete everything on your to do list can be hard, but sometimes you just have to get it done.

When you find it hard to put effort into things, remind yourself how hard you worked to get to where you are now. Whatever it is, it’s not worth it to not give your best effort. If you work hard on that paper or spend hours a day preparing for that test, the end product will be worth a lot more. Working hard ensures that you earn your success.

Hustling in college is important, but so is rest. Take a nap if you need to. Take a break to walk around campus, or watch an episode of your favorite tv show. Remember that rest is part of the balance you are working toward, and without it, it will be difficult to be at your best. If you’re doing your best but you need a break, don’t beat yourself up over it. Take the break and go back to what you were doing once you have recharged.


Having fun is important, as well. Life is not about working until you can’t anymore, or spending everyday stressing out about what is to come in the next week. After you’ve successfully conquered the week, plan some fun activities over the weekend. Work hard, but have fun and make memories along the way.

Finding that balance takes trials and errors, but is not impossible. Figure out what the best method is for YOU and stick to it. You’ve got this!


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Marissa Cuka

The University of Delaware broke enrollment records this past Fall 2018.


24,120 total students enrolled for the Fall semester, which is the highest number of students enrolled at UD. The University now has students representing all 50 states, and a record 2,246 international students representing 150 countries. At the Newark campus, 4,249 students are first year students, most of who are non-residents. These numbers and more reached a record high for UD, and are significant in cultivating a diverse and cultured campus environment.


Each student at UD, whether a first year undergraduate student or a student enrolled in a graduate program, has a story coming into college. Some students are from Delaware and may have high school friends attending UD; others come from different states or even countries and are forced to completely start over in a new environment.


Previous experiences definitely shape people, but it is the new college environment that demands a little more from them; they must step out of their comfort zones, whether it is academically, geographically, or socially.


Based on the Fall 2018 enrollment statistics, students are bound to meet someone with a story different from theirs. By connecting with students from different backgrounds, each person can learn something from the other and gain a new perspective, whether it is major or minor.

Photographed by Alisha Lolk

College is an adjustment but allows students to grow in many ways. There are a plethora of classes to take, student organizations to join, and events to participate in. These opportunities bring together many different students and allow them to get involved, have fun, and learn new things, so it is important to take advantage of them. The skills, memories, and friendships that students make is what makes up their personal college experience and shapes them as they continue their college journeys and their post-college plans.

Photographed by Evan Krape

College can be a difficult transition, but stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for making the most out of your time in college. Each student will have their own personal college experience, but no matter how different each one is, every Blue Hen is connected by the University of Delaware.

Photographed by Evan Krape