Fashion and Italy: A Match Made in Heaven

Michael Jordan & Nike. Dolce & Gabbana. Italy & Fashion. Sometimes things just fit together. Students at the University of Delaware can now combine their love of fashion and Italian with a new joint minor. The Departments of Languages, Literatures & Cultures and Fashion & Apparel Studies have created a new minor program. Students study the Italian language while also taking classes in fashion history and culture.

“This new minor offers students the opportunity to explore the world of fashion,” said Italian professor Laura Salsini. “The minor will give them a strong linguistic foundation so that they can work or study abroad.”

The 21-credit minor includes a breadth of language, literature, and culture courses in Italian and courses focused on the fashion industry, including costume history and international fashion retailing.

“Eventually the minor will include an internship either in the United States or in Italy, as well as a study abroad program,” said Dr. Salsini. “These opportunities will give students the chance to work with experts in the field.”

Because of the pandemic these programs are currently on hold, but Dr. Salsini looks forward to welcoming students to this collaborative minor. If you are interested, contact her at

The Boom of Comfort Clothes: Athlesiure at Work and at Play

Long gone are the days of formal workplaces and strict societal dress codes. A new form of fashion has quickly dominated the market in recent years: athleisure. The surge in telecommuting to work and school in 2020 only boosted the number of people donning sweats in the morning. But even before this, three distinct styles of athletic wear came to the forefront of fashion shows and streets around America. Obviously, these clothes can trace their lineage back to the functional fabrics of professional and amateur athletes, but now have diverged into forms of casual wear.


Probably the most common athleisure look includes joggers or leggings and a sweatshirt or tank top. Actual sports companies like Nike and Adidas do supply a great quantity of such clothing, but brands from budget lines to the highest of high fashion houses. Prada windbreakers and Burberry sweatpants are comfortable and give a new aura of style, just as any running shorts do from your local mall.


A newer pairing – and something that will be commonplace as people return to the office after working from home – is athletic clothing combined with more traditional attire. Cozy black leggings paired with a blouse and cardigan are perfect for employees who need to look professional but still have some freedom to address their own comfort. For a relaxed errand run, this style also works with more traditional casual combinations.


Finally, this last athleisure trend is returning to a more traditional sports look. Less physically active sports like golf and motor racing have embraced weatherproof and breathable fabrics to create sharp coats and pants. New brands such as Alpha Tauri serve as fashion houses for everything from form-fitting puffer jackets to pocketed leggings, as well as advertising through their very own Formula 1 team. Historical sports fashion brands also include Ferrari; their bright red fabric and stunning yellow logo stand out in a crowd. Each type of athleisure apparel serves different purposes, but the functionality and comfort remain constant.


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Tiny Bag Takeover

Nowadays, it seems like bigger is better: gigantic iPhones, extravagant mansions, and jumbo-sized iced coffees (we’re looking at you, Starbucks). However, a new trend taking over the fashion world is proving just the opposite. Tiny, and oftentimes impractical, handbags are the industry’s chicest accessory right now, with models and influencers alike sporting the look. This trend allows for a lot of creative freedom for designers, giving them free-reign to construct crazy mini bags that sometimes can’t even hold more than a bobby pin. Despite the inconvenience, these soaring sensations are the most coveted accessory for both high fashion and everyday street style.

Last year at the American Music Awards, Lizzo showed up in a gorgeous orange gown, but the gown was not the focal point of the look that night. All anyone could talk about in the days after the red carpet was her itty-bitty white Valentino bag that seemed almost impossibly small. This extreme take on the trend turned many heads and further invigorated the already rising popularity it had within pop culture.

The idea of a tiny bag definitely isn’t brand new, as it has seen rises and falls in popularity over the years. Some of the most notable examples of popular tiny bags are the world-famous Dior Saddlebag and the Fendi Baguette bag, both of which were popular during the Y2K era.

These bags were immensely popular in their time and since then, have grown cult followings, cementing themselves as some of the most iconic handbags ever created. These two small bags managed to carry the tiny trend into the 21st century. Now in 2020, we’re seeing a resurgence of tiny bags (although Lizzo’s Valentino was an extreme example).


On the runway at London Fashion Week this year, designer Ashley Williams debuted a very funky vintage-inspired white and blue mini handbag. This look was critically acclaimed and is just one example of hundreds of mini bags that premiered on the runways this season. Similarly, at Paris Fashion Week 2020, French designer Ami flaunted his creative mini sling bag for men, proving that this trend isn’t limited to just one gender. Both designers’ creativity and innovation with these designs are put on display, as they provide their own takes on the popular tiny bag trend.

Countless celebrities and influencers are rocking this trend all over social media. This all black outfit from Gigi Hadid allows the bright pink handbag to be the statement piece. It’s a bold take on the ultra-stylish trend. On the other hand, Kendall Jenner’s take on the trend is much more subdued and less flashy. Both are chic ways to pull off the trend, just different aesthetics. Even fast fashion websites such as SHEIN and Fashion Nova are diving into the trend, flooding their feeds with tiny bags galore. These tiny commodities are essentially everywhere, so finding your very own shouldn’t be too difficult. No matter what your price point is, there will be an abundance of options for you. Whether you like to make a bold statement, or you prefer to let the rest of your look take the spotlight, there’s a chic bag out there for you. So… what are you waiting for?

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A Brighter Future: A Look Into Spring 2021 Trends

In the dull days of 2020, everyone is looking forward to a brighter year, and the fashion trends of spring 2021 are reflecting that. This new season is all about bold colors and functional pieces, with clothes becoming less restricting and more practical, perhaps a representation of our current wardrobes during the pandemic.


When looking at the runways for brands’ new collections, most of the clothes are looser and comfortable. Loose fitting pants, or, as Vogue calls them “Power Pants,” are all over the runways, including shows for Dior, Armani and Fendi. I personally love this trend because of how comfy they are–especially compared to the skinny jeans of the previous decade. With the new trends of mom jeans, cargo pants, and the high fashion “power pants,” the looser the pants, the more trendy it is.

Also, sweatshirts and even sweat suits have been featured on runways in bright colors. Comfort is over fashion as soft fabrics such as cottons and knits have been on the runway. These styles are reflective of the early 2000s trends that are making a comeback. They look like the younger, cooler sister of the tracksuit. I am a sucker for sweatshirts, and with the bold colors, these are my favorite trends on the runway.

The silhouettes during the season are definitely unique and more geometric. This includes sharp shoulders, asymmetrical shirts, and geometric cutouts. Think: the more unusual, the more fashion forward it is. Personally, I am not as excited about these trends because they are not reflective of what we are probably going to wear in the spring. Yes, it is high fashion, but it is not realistic to be wearing a pointed shoulder blazer in your zoom meeting, however fabulous it is.


What all of these styles have in common are the bright colors and bold prints in all of the shows. Pinks, Blues and Oranges have been all over the runway, unlike previous seasons where muted colors were present. It has been a while since bright colors were on trend and I am loving it. And not just because I am a sucker for a hot pink! These colors are not only fun to experiment with, but they are also great for statement pieces and let’s face it, we could all use color in this drab time. 

The spring 2021 trends are what we want our futures to look like. They are bright, bold, unique, practical and full of life. From the outrageous prints, pointed shoulders and pleasant sweatshirts, these are some of the most wearable trends I have ever seen, and I cannot wait to get a jump start on the new year.

Face Masks and Runway Fashion: Can Face Masks Be Haute Fashion?

In the age of coronavirus, protective face masks have become an essential part of our daily routines. No matter where we go, we always have to make sure we have our masks on as a precaution, but can this necessary addition make its way to the runways? The answer is yes. Many designers at this year’s Paris Fashion Week decided to feature this idea. In the spirit of 2020, face masks were seen anywhere and everywhere on the runways this season, and they were absolutely magnificent.



It’s very important that major designers and fashion houses are promoting the use of face masks by making them appear more chic. Their efforts to make this necessary protective gear a fashionable accessory prove just how critical masks are in defeating the pandemic. It looks like big designers are pulling no punches when it comes to encouraging healthy and sanitary habits during this challenging time. With masks printed to match entire runway looks, what’s not to love about masks on the 2020 Fashion Week runways?

Pictured above is young designer Christian Siriano’s take on mid-pandemic themed runway fashion at his Paris Fashion Week show in late September. Matching the masks with his stunning designs for Spring 2021 exemplifies that even medically required protection can be elegant and beautiful. These looks perfectly combine his style and brand aesthetic with elements that ground them in the real world. (Side note: I also love his political activism message.)


But by far the most creative use of this accessory on the runway is by Marine Serre. Serre showcased everything, from bold and defiant masks to more wearable ones. The innovation of Marine Serre at Paris Fashion Week was exceptional, especially when it came to making a statement, while also staying safe.

This look from the Marine Serre Paris show is a perfect example of the brand mixing their own signature style with the current health regulations. This extremely avant-garde mask is yet another way top designers have begun embracing the new normal. Although this look definitely wouldn’t work for everyday wear, the fact that Serre decided to make the mask part of her haute couture collection was even more impressive.

Another similar type of face covering from Paco Rabanne (left) proved to be a showstopper on the runway, while Rick Owens(right) decided to showcase a more futuristic take on the accessory:

Each designer’s take on mid-pandemic fashion has been unique and innovative. Their combinations of function with fashion make for plenty of memorable, and even some risky, looks. While all of these runway ready looks may not be appropriate for a day in the office, the fashion world’s ability to adapt to the current global crisis and still manage to thrive is admirable. For me personally, I’m not sure how I’ll be pulling off the full gold sequin Paco Rabanne outfit, however, I admire and respect the passion that went into conceiving it. This year’s Paris Fashion Week was a testament to the perseverance and strength of the fashion community in the midst of all the challenges 2020 has thrown our way.


Overall, given the circumstances, Paris Fashion Week exceeded expectations and still delivered looks to love. If you need more proof of that, look no further than the gorgeous face masks that were designed to compliment, and even enhance, each look individually. Thanks to these runway looks, I don’t think anyone can argue that face masks are just a boring necessity, when these shows proved they can be so much more.


The Thrifting “Trend”: Is It Actually Worth it?

During these tough times, I found myself filling my seemingly never-ending free time with one of two things: going on tiktok or going to my local thrift store. And to my surprise, thrifting is now becoming a new “trend” among teenagers and young adults. In fact, during my most recent trip to Goodwill, I found the store flooded with teenagers browsing the racks in order to get great deals on adorable finds. Most fads tend to fade out, but as a long-time thrifter, I believe that shopping second-hand is a great affordable and sustainable alternative to fast fashion, which is killing our planet.

One of the main reasons why thrifting is very popular right now is because of the low clothing prices. Some of my successes during my thrifting journey include getting a  high quality leather jacket for 20 dollars, an adorable Lucky Brand top that was originally $75 for only 5 bucks and–possibly my favorite so far–my junior prom dress. It was a never-worn $200 designer Betsey Johnson and I only paid $20.00 for it! Since thrifting is so affordable, it is a great option to build your closet up on a budget.  There are always basics and statement pieces in stock, and all you have to do is know where to look.

It is also important to thrift in order to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion. For people looking for affordable clothes, some go to brands known as being a part of the fast fashion industry. These stores include Forever 21, H&M, and the TikTok phenomenon, SHEIN. These brands constantly make and sell low quality clothes very cheaply.  This leads to people buying more clothes, but also those buyers quickly discard their purchases since these items can only be worn a handful of times.  Then they buy more cheap clothes, perpetuating the wasteful cycle. Fast fashion is a direct cause of pollution as the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world.

One great thing about thrifting is that people donate their new or used items if they don’t want them. This cycle of donating clothing and buying used items goes against the fast fashion cycle, making the fashion industry a little more sustainable.

With all of that being said, many people criticize thrifting, as it originally was used only to help those from lower income brackets who relied on it so they could provide clothing for themselves and their families inexpensively. I definitely do agree that this new trend can be hurting those in lower income areas. When I went to a thrift store during the summer, the store was so crowded that not only was I concerned for my safety (pandemic!), but I could not look through the racks because all of the teenage shoppers  were taking every item in sight. An aspect that is possibly detrimental is that an increase in sales could lead to an increase in prices — the law of supply and demand — which does not benefit any of the people in the thrifting world.

However, second-hand shopping benefits everyone involved. Not only does it make the world more sustainable and provide great options for those in a lower income bracket, but it also supports the thrift stores themselves. Most thrift stores such as Goodwill are nonprofit organizations and frequently donate to charity, as well as hire many people with disabilities. In order to help make thrifting better for everyone, it is important to donate your clothes, too, to help continue the cycle of sustainability.

While thrifting is currently a trend, it should really be a fashion staple. Not only is it great for fashionistas, but the benefits of thrifting are truly wonderful–and what a rush it is to find great deals! So next time you want to go on a shopping spree, make a point to stop by the Goodwill, first, instead of the Gap.

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How Extravagant Motorcycle Gangs Led to Modern Japanese Style

The rebellious motorcycle riders we see today are known for their classic leather getup. For years, this outfit has been associated with biker gangs and the growling rev of a chopper. Form fitting black leather jackets quickly rose to popularity among bikers due to its wind resistance and its other protective qualities. Jeans or matching leather pants keep riders’ legs safe from hot exhaust pipes and wind burn. This pairing, combined with boots, provides full body protection. In the 1950s, this style spread to every disorderly teen and nonconformist after movie stars, like Marlon Brando, popularized the outfit and culture. As more people across the country became involved in motorcycle clubs, we saw a spike in diverse outfits.

“Outlaw bikers” in clubs like the Hells Angels dressed in leather vests and jackets emblazoned with patches, supporting their compatriots and equipment of choice: usually modified Harley Davidson hogs. This motorcycle club, or MC, gained infamy in the 1960s as members connected to counterculture movements racked up criminal charges. Despite being classified by the Department of Justice as an organized crime syndicate, the Hells Angels winged skull logo can still be found on graphic tees and leather jackets. Motorcycle culture wasn’t just limited to punks and biker gangs. In the 80s, bike companies began to diversify their lineups and introduced sports bikes, in addition to funded races. The racing culture was inspired by the publics’ favorite riders. A new trend of wearing colorful sponsorship clad jumpsuits kicked off. At about this same time, Japanese and American cultures began a steady exchange of styles and technology.

Just as American motorcycle clubs terrorized the roads in the west, Japanese gangs called Bōsōzoku rode outrageous choppers and wore protective uniforms. These cliques opted for military-style cloth jackets and baggy pants, along with embroidered leather jackets. This comes as no surprise, since many such clubs were actually formed after World War II by former Kamikaze pilots looking to continue seeking thrills. Bōsōzoku also literally means “running-out-of-control tribe,” enforcing the extreme nature of such clubs. Bōsōzoku bikes are easily identifiable by the extended rear seat-backs and exhausts as well as the complex neon paint jobs. Membership declined in the 2000s, but the style of clothing remains ingrained in Japanese fashion. Notably, the baggy designs derived from Bōsōzoku style have endured numerous changes in popular style trends, and can still be found in mainstream fashion to this day.

If you’re looking to copy this biker style, Japanese brands such as Comme Des Garçons and Bape sell retro patched leather jackets and helmets decorated with Japanese branding. Every brand from Uniqlo to Burberry stock oversized shirts and hoodies, which have become a wardrobe staple in recent years. These relaxed fits compliment chunky sneakers and contrastingly tight jeans. Adding a sharp blazer and belt can upgrade the outfit to a semi-formal look. Pair an oversized graphic tee with a crossbody fanny pack for street style. However it’s worn, oversized fits can trace their lineage to American and Japanese motorcycle culture.

5 Early ‘00s Trends That Are Making A Comeback

We may have been young when these trends were popular, but who can forget the iconic fashion of the Y2K era. There are definitely some crimes against fashion that should stay in their time (ex: Britney and Justin in full denim at the 2001 AMAs), however many trends are seeing a revival on runways and street corners in new ways. Here are some of the trends returning to the fashion world and how you can wear them, too.

1. Halter Tops

Back in the early ‘00s, everyone and their mother wore one of these effortlessly stylish tops. Halter necklines can elevate any look and be worn for any occasion. From casual to black tie, there is a halter look out there for everyone.

Originally made famous by none other than Marilyn Monroe herself, this trend was far from new, even during the Y2K era.

However, there are some ways to update this look to better suit the 2020s. Crossed X-style tops are the newest iteration of this glamorous trend, incorporating the best aspects of 2020 fashion trends with this oldie, but a goodie style.

Paired with high-waisted jeans or pants, this top could really steal the show on your next night out (once we’re finally out of quarantine). Also, halter tops with carefully chosen cutouts can be found at any store.

This halter-style bodysuit would look stunning tucked into a flowy skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans.


So far, the 2020’s have been all about showing some more skin in creative and interesting ways, so both of these updates to the classic halter look are more than welcome in the new decade.


2. Tie-Dye Everything

Who can forget everyone’s obsession with DIY tie-dye creations? Now we’re seeing a resurgence of these colorful looks, from the runway to everyday streetwear. (If Beyonce says it’s back, then I guess we have to listen.)

You’re probably seeing a lot of this trend on your feed right now, even as we transition into fall fashion. This eye-catching pattern is so versatile and can work with almost any article of clothing, but here are some of my faves:

The tie-dye look can be worn as a matching top and bottom set for a very cute and comfy look that’s colorful, yet still perfect for cold weather. Tie-dye is also growing in popularity with mens clothing, too. In the new decade, we’re seeing this trend in more subtle ways. The updated version of this trend is much more muted and subdued, allowing the wearer to accessorize however they’d like.


Tie-dye is the most flexible trend on this list, with even tie-dyed face masks are being sold:

3. Lots of Lip Gloss

For most of the 2010s we lusted after matte lips. We would cake on liquid lipsticks, layer after crusty layer, until our lips were permanently chapped and crying for help. Our days of suffering are finally over… lip gloss is back, baby. This trend was popular during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, but now, glossy lips are every influencer and celebrities’ newest accessory.

This look has only grown in popularity after Alexa Demie flaunted glossy lips in some of her most iconic makeup looks on the popular HBO show, Euphoria, last year.

One of my favorite glosses out there is by Fenty Beauty. Having personally tested this one out, I can say that it provides the perfect amount of shine, without being too over the top, which is perfect for a 2020-era glossy lip.

4. Low-Rise Jeans

Who could possibly forget about this one? (Honestly, sometimes I wish I could.) Low-rise jeans have surprisingly been making a comeback, with many celebrities and influencers giving the controversial trend a second chance. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing this look all over Instagram and TikTok, so let’s see what it’s all about…

Okay, honestly, Bella Hadid makes them look cute, so I’m sold. The photo also shows that pairing low-rise jeans with a “whale tail” is also making a comeback. (Although, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this part yet, so let’s look at some low-waisted jeans, instead.)

This look can be paired with any tucked-in top for an effortless, comfy-chic look.

Or this look can even be paired with a crop top for a simple, yet bold look. No matter how you choose to embrace this trend, just remember to wear what makes you feel confident.

5. Statement Hoops

Thanks to early ‘00s style icons like JLo, this trend really took off. Hoops that seemed larger than life were in fashion, and reminiscent of the ‘70’s Cher aesthetic.

This classic accessory is coming back, and I’m here to show you how to wear it today.


Rule #1: Make sure the rest of your jewelry is subtle, allowing the earrings to stand out.

Rule # 2: Try choosing a hairstyle that allows the hoops to shine.


In 2020, the most popular form of this trend is chunky hoops. This pair from Etsy perfectly showcase how this look can be worn today:

The hoops are still bold, but in a different way. They can be paired with other piercings as well, giving the look an edgier effect.

Chunky hoop earrings are everyone’s new favorite accessory, so it’s time to start showing off this trend in your own way. These earrings come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to hop on the trend.

The idea of Y2K fashion making a comeback was terrifying at first, but after reading this I really hope you give some of them a chance. There are so many new and innovative ways to bring back these looks for the 2020s. One of the best things about fashion is that old trends circle back around but are still reinvented to better represent modern styles. So next time you’re having doubts about pulling off one of these trends, just remember that fashion is a fun way to express yourself, so take these suggestions and make them your own. Incorporate your own style, mesh the old with the new, and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results. Looks like it’s finally time to take a trip back to the 2000s… someone pass me my bedazzled Motorola Razr flip phone.


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Shades of Summer: Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2020

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories of all time. Ever since I say Audrey Hepburn rock those oversized sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I developed a low_key obsession with them. Now that I am sitting in my house during this dreadful quarantine, I can’t help but think about what life is going to be like this summer, and what sunglasses will be on the scene when we all (hopefully) leave our houses. With brighter days coming soon, sunglasses this summer are very exciting. Summer 2020 sunglasses are all about experimenting and trying something that is usually not seen. Whether it is a futuristic pair of shades or some that are more retro, summer 2020 will be a great year for shade. Here are some of the trends you can wear and embrace your inner Audrey.

Picture creds:

White Frames

White sunglasses are going to be a big statement this season. With their retro look, they are great to add to your wardrobe this summer. A clean white look comes in all styles, so it is a universal trend for everyone. These clean white frames will pop with your summer ensemble instead of some basic black shades.


Picture creds:

Big Frames

Oversized frames are a sunglasses trend that will never go out of style ever since Audrey Hepburn wore them in the ‘60s. This year, oversized sunglasses are getting more experimental with a variety of different shapes and colors. Oversized sunglasses will go with almost anything you wear, so the bigger the better!

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Round Frames

Another 1960’s sunglass trend that is making a comeback is round frames. They come in a variety of colors and sizes for any hipster and they are great to add a hippie edge to your outfits this summer.

Picture creds:

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric Sunglasses are by far one of the most futuristic and coolest trends this summer. These shades come in a variety of geometric shapes such as hexagons, triangles and other harsh-angled shapes. So, if you want to embrace your inner matrix, try this trend!

Picture creds:

Small Cat Eye

During this summer, it will be clear that small frames might be the trendiest shades, but with a large variety of shapes and colors, it can be very intimidating for many sunglass-enthusiasts (including myself!). These small cat eye frames are perfect for anyone since they have a classic look to them and will go with anything this summer.

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Get Up, Get Dressed: Mix and Match at Home with Suitably

Suitably Starter Kit

Feeling in a rut? Get Up, Get Dressed with Suitably! Through this social campaign, Instagram users can post photos showing off their quarantine fashion in front of their mirrors or at home. An instant mood booster, dressing up in crisp clothes make us feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you stick with your everyday styles or experiment in the safety of your home, quarantine fashion reminds us of a sense of routine before COVID-19.

If you’re in need of staple pieces to mix and match, Suitably is your go-to for classic workwear at affordable prices. Suitably understands how many of us need to invest in work wear but don’t want to spend a fortune. Founded by Cornell alumna Annabel Gatto, the startup offers four items – each under $100 in addition to a starter kit bundle that includes all products for $233.

Read until the end to find out how you can style Suitably!

The Suite Skirt

The Suite Skirt

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The Keynote Dress

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The Intro Dress

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The 24/7 Blazer

Styling Suitably

Blazer and Jeans

Look crisp and cool with the 27/4 blazer and all-American jeans. Perfect for a city-chic look, the 24/7 blazer can be dressed up or down to make you look and feel your best.

24/7 Blazer

LBD and Jean Jacket

For warmer days, the Keynote Dress paired with a jean jacket make for an easy spring pairing. 

Keynote Dress

Day to Night

Solid neutrals are easy to style with outerwear and accessories if you don’t have time to change at home. Monochromatic combinations, such as black from head to toe, lengthen the figure. You can swap out the denim for a tough leather jacket as you transition from day to night in your Keynote Dress

Keynote Dress

Let’s suit up for success as we get up, get dressed at home!

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