Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

The last few weekends in April always fills Instagram
feeds with Coachella pictures; although repetitive, there is some great desert-chic outfit inspiration to look at.

Bold Graphic prints and Pops of Color

(Photo credits @maggierodgers) One of the performers at the festival wearing printed checkerboard pants and a graphic tee – the best part of is her bright red sunglasses which pulls the whole look together.

Leather Accents

(Photo credits @gretchengeraghty) The Instagram influencer is spotted wearing a black leather cut-out body suit, star printed shorts and the staple bandana.

Tie Dye All the Way

(Photo credits @gigihadid) The model wears a loose tie dye vest and layers of colorful jewelry.

Breezy and Free

(Photo credits @vanessahudgens) The boho queen of Coachella wears a flowy, white maxi skirt and large brim hat.

Fringe Frenzy

(Photo credits @shaymitchell) It’s not Coachella without lots of fringe. Shay Mitchell wears a black knitted, fringed body and silver jewelry.

In With the Flow

(Photo credits @lydia_connell) Flowy dresses are the silhouette of Coachella – of course paired with round sunglasses, braided hair and lots of layers of dainty jewelry. 

Flower Power

(Photo credts @@ttyteala) Floral prints, muted color scheme and knitted, embroidery are some other key fashion elements worn by festival goers like @ttyteala.

From the Runways to your Instagram Feed: Easy Spring Styles to Implement in Your College Wardrobe

From the Runways to your Instagram Feed: Easy Spring Styles to Implement in Your College Wardrobe

Although there will always be days when a messy top knot and sweatpants are necessary, there will be other days when a still bit of effort put into your outfit can really boost your mood. After NYFW and other fashion shows have come to an end, the new trends and inspiration for spring are bold, retro and fun but can be a bit overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of some trends for spring that we love shown both on the runway and on Instagram to change up your style this semester:

1.Layering upon layering

Both Images: Paper Magazine

Transitional style or just spring style in general is difficult to master due to the constant weather changes. Someday it can be boiling and other days kind of cold. Whether throwing on jeans, a tee, and a coat or adding a sweater any of these ways are both practical and fashionable.

2. Prints and Pastels

Fun prints and pastels scream spring and are easy additions to make your wardrobe pop. A floral print romper to wear to class or pastel pants to brighten up an outfit are great pieces to try out.

Photograph: Yannis Vlamos

Instagram: @Freddy

3. Going back to the '70s

Denim, graphic tees, burnt orange, turtlenecks, bold prints all encompass the decade of the 70’s and influence the runway and streetstyle of today.

Photograph: ImaxTree at Victoria Beckham

Instagram: @tesschristinexo

4. Bring on the Bold and the Beautiful

Photograph: Vogue

Over-the-top frills and ruffles on dresses and even more vibrant colors filled the runways. A massive, ruffle hot pink dress might not be the most appropriate style to rock in the classroom but integrating these fun and bold colors into more casual apparel is an easier task.

Instagram: @thepatriciabright

5. Wild for Animal Print

Instagram: @whaelse
Photo: Imaxtee at Anna Sui

A simple pair of jeans or a plain white tee can be easily jazzed up with a leopard or snakeskin print item, which is not too over the top for class.

6. Shoulder Pads Are Back and Are as Big as Ever

An oversized blazer or coat can make any outfit look more put together- pair a blazer with a cute graphic tee or a skirt and longline coat.

Imaxtree at Saint Laurent

Instagram: @alexcentomo

The Female da Vinci in Fashion: What Iris Van Herpen Showed Contemporary Couturiers About Innovation

The Female da Vinci in Fashion: What Iris Van Herpen Showed Contemporary Couturiers About Innovation

The gap between science and art ceased to exist in the Dutch designer’s spring 2019 line.

Think Edwin Hubble meets Vincent Van Gogh – in 21st-century couture, Iris Van Herpen comes to mind as a modern visionary. Whether you work as an aerospace engineer or label yourself as a post-impressionism connoisseur – anyone can admire her innovation and creativity.

Van Herpen stunned the world with her spring 2019 collection named “Shift Souls,” which integrated concepts from astronomy in wearable art. Her celestial-inspired line and light-up heels rose to Instagram fame, and Vogue commented on how her whimsical collection “might translate to greater visibility for Van Herpen; and with two full days of shows to come, it set the bar high.”

The Vision

When looking for inspiration, novice couturiers often rely on divergent thinking and dismiss considering concepts in STEM. However, in times of technological advancements and scientific discovery, designers should look to pull abstract ideas from quantitative concepts and real-world problems. Van Herpen’s memorable show proved that the most cutting-edge designers reach success by working like both scientists and artists.  



For Shift Souls, Van Herpen worked alongside Kim Keever, a former NASA engineer, to design translucent organza gowns and face-molding metal jewelry. Van Herpen contrasted hard and soft elements, such as pairing structured silhouettes with light pastels, to toy with overlapping of science and art. Rippling fabrics mirrored elongated brush strokes of an early 1900s painting, and geometric shapes resembled patterns found in star charts.



Commencing the show, a barefaced model, drowned by a sea of sapphire blue folds, gracefully walked down the catwalk in an off-the-shoulder gown.  Long kimono dresses came out on the runway until the transitioning into opaque above-the-knee dresses. Layers of sheer fabric, outlined by prominent black lines, molded the shorter looks into radial silhouettes that mimicked planets’ orbital routes. In addition to jewel-toned solids, analogous and complementary ombrés illustrated galactic colors on garments. The elegant textiles and linear motifs sent waves of calming energy into the audience and, moreover, exhibited Van Herpen’s mastery in using science as a part of her creative vision.


The show took a dramatic turn once the lights dimmed and models entered the catwalk for their final walks. During the finale, the runway transformed itself into a sci-fi setting. Watching in awe, audience members saw glow-in-the-dark heels strut across the stage to conclude the “shift” in Shift Souls. Through juxtapositions between design and engineering in addition to presenting a futuristic feel – Shift Souls perfectly captured the dissonance and beauty in outer space.


Similar to how the Renaissance man relied on ratios to build a balanced composition in The Last Supper, the Dutch couturier used astronomical concepts to design one-of-a-kind eye candy in Shift Souls. Couturiers need not to include glow-in-the-dark shoes to have a ground-breaking collection, but designers who find means of having STEM as the basis of their craftsmanship are respected as both creators and problem solvers. Vogue praised the Van Herpen for her success in Shift Souls, as she is one of the few contemporary couture designers celebrating discovery and exploration. Though traditional couture laws remain static, failure to follow pioneering visionaries like Van Herpen could mean jeopardizing credibility as an innovative couturier in years to come.

Best Places to Shop on a Budget

Smart Shopping

Best Places to Shop on a Budget

$5 shirts? Yes, please!

As college students,

We have lots of expenses to cover. Books, supplies, rent, food – sometimes, it seems impossible to squeeze in updating your wardrobe into your budget. However, there are college-budget-friendly stores that sell hidden gems for reasonable prices.


ThredUp is an online consignment and second-hand e-commerce platform.  First-time shoppers get 20% off, and deals run as low as $0.99. Popular brands include Urban Outfitters, Nike, and Adidas.

Image from Dressember


Though prices at JCPenney start at middle-tiers, semi-annual sales drop costs by 60-70%.


ASOS offers student discounts, and clearance items are often reduced by up to 80%.  ASOS sells second-hand merchandise  on its Marketplace website.

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How to Rock Athleisure Without Looking Like You Came Straight from the Gym

How to Rock Athleisure Without Looking Like You Came Straight From the Gym

As college students, we’re always on crunches for time. We struggle to squeeze in studying, extracurricular activities, and fitness during one day. Consequently, many of us choose to rush straight from the gym to class rather than skip working out all together. Sometimes, the only options for clothes are what we wore on the treadmill a few hours ago. Though this sounds unsanitary, few wish to lug an additional outfit later in the day.


Thankfully, we saw the athleisure boom throughout the past few years, in which now it is socially acceptable to wear sportswear outside of the gym. We no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look trendy; however, we still want to look put-together and fashion-forward when wearing sportswear on the streets.


With the athleisure boom, we can incorporate some of our gym attire into ready-to-wear looks. Here are five ways that you can mix athleisure into your outfits that don’t make it look as if you just finished a 30-minute HIIT routine.

Sweats and a bomber jacket

Last year, Adidas joggers blew up your Instagram feed. A sleek bomber jacket adds a city flair to these sweats, stripes or no stripes. Another unexpected pairing is wearing fitted sweats with a button-up shirt for a casual look.

Erik Scholz/Lookbook

Off-White Neutrals

Bella Hadid

The illusion of a straight silhouette flatters the body and shows off its curves. In 2017, Bella Hadid was captured in all white at LAX Airport.

Ditch Neon

You don’t want your clothes to read ‘80s fitness commercial. Instead, choose a monochromatic color palette. Monochromatic outfits not only elongate your figure, but neutrals in particular rarely seem tacky and are always in style.

Sneakers with Trousers

Who What Wear
Who What Wear

Nothing says athleisure quite like sneakers – a staple shoe for not only gym rats but also for the modern fashionista who wants to look effortlessly cool. A professional-looking pair of pants counterbalances the casualness of trainers. Bonus if the pants are wide-legged or printed for more drama.

Who What Wear

Windbreakers with Jumpsuits

Though we laugh when thinking about cheesy tracksuits from the past, we love jumpsuits today because of their versatility all year long.

Wearing a light windbreaker, an article of clothing that athletes swear by for warming up and cooling down, over a jumpsuit is the perfect street wear combination in spring, when temperatures start to rise, yet we still need additional layers for bipolar temperatures and sporadic thunderstorms.

Baseball Caps

You don’t need be a part of the Kardashian klan to rock a baseball cap like Kendall Jenner does. The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

The influencer makes a baseball cap looks chic at any time, any place, and wearing a hat is a quick and easy way to conceal greasy hair.

Styling athleisure shouldn’t be overthrought. Though you want to look put-together, your main priorities are comfort and convenience. Athleisure promotes innovative streetwear that doesn’t involve uncomfortable heels and stiff dresses. More importantly, athleisure encourages healthy living that will, hopefully, not go out of style beyond 2019.


Cheers to more hours in the gym and sneakers in your wardrobe.

Perfect Pants: Stylish Alternatives to Jeans

Perfect Pants: Stylish Alternatives to Jeans

The start of 2019 brings us new perspectives, new plans . . . and “new” pant styles! After twenty years of wild trend experimenting in the ‘80s-’90s, fashion slowly conformed itself to more simplistic styles until the 2010s. Today, we no longer fear sporting statement pieces and have gone back to quirkier pant trends; Specifically, trends such as prints and leather have returned. We still love classic, timeless jeans. 


However, sometimes – either after scrolling through Instagram’s top fashion accounts or flipping through the latest issue of Vogue – we want to make a bolder statement with our clothes. Bringing back fashion from prior decades adds a surprise zest into an outfit, and fashion-forward pants are perfect for those who wish to dress up without making it seem as if too much effort was put into an outfit.


Runway shows in 2018 gave us Exciting Previews of pant trends for upcoming seasons. For his Spring 2019 ready-to-wear show, Yves Saint Laurent presented leathers pairs for both men and women.

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2019


Innovative styles are always on the runway, but we can’t ignore what fashion is right in front of us on the streets. On her blog, Rachel Zoe is photographed wearing red, high-waisted printed pants matched with a crisp trench coat.


Dressed up or down, a flare towards the bottom of the leg makes a grand statement. Wide-legged pants quickly made their way around the internet in 2018, and the silhouette is expected to return once again for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

Though people restrict themselves to wearing looser pants in warmer temperatures, sharp blazers and heels make wide-legged pants appropriate year-long.


The breezy, effortless yet luxurious look of pleated pants make them a staple piece that the minimalist wardrobe. Even when paired with the most basic pieces of clothing, the pleats help an easy-going outfit have flare and drama.

Try some of these trends, and prepare to make a statement in 2019 – one leg at a time.  

Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral

" our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits . . . [and] embodies our desire for playful expression. "


2019 has us Saying goodbye to Ultraviolent and welcoming Pantone's New Color of the Year

Pantone’s purpose in having a happy-go-lucky feel is for the hue’s energy to translate into a positive attitude. Inspired by the environment, Pantone chose Living Coral as the 2019’s new color of the year to remind us to stay connected to our natural surroundings when we live in a digital culture. The brightness and zest of Living Coral alerts us to step back from technology and soak in earth’s vibrant beauty – specifically, earth’s beauty and color under the sea.

Similar to how we need to be attentive to conserving the ocean’s reefs, we should be mindful of how Living Coral will be used in the creative scene. In fashion, designers incorporated this warm hue on the runway for their spring 2019 collections.

Acne Studios presented a blazer and pants in  muted-versions of coral. A baby blue blouse in addition to a peach tie were paired with the ready-to-wear look. On the other hand, Christian Siriano took a more literal approach to using coral in his spring collection, where the matching heels pull together the wispy sections of fringe on each dress. Sies Marjan showed a flowy orange-red resort dress that is perfect for traveling around Europe in the summer or spending an evening on the shore.  


As we move into 2019, we should celebrate Living Coral in addition to the budding season by incorporating more color into our fashion. Living coral is perfect for fashionistas who want to add warmth to an outfit but without the fierceness of red and boldness of yellow.

At her 2015 Resident Advisors red carpet premiere, actress Jamie Chung made a splash by wearing the hue from head to toe. Not exclusive for clothes, Living Coral can be found in our accessories and makeup as well.

Youth adore the Swedish company Fjällräven’s  and its hip and trendy backpacks. Fun accessories are subtle ways to add color if you are initially intimidated to wear bright hues. If you want to go all out, coral eyeshadows by Huda Beauty with gold inner corners transition your makeup from spring to summer-ready.

Have fun showing off Pantone’s Color of the Year as the weather becomes warmer and flowers start to bloom!

Author: Sarah Carlson