Success Suits You: Stylish at Home with Suitably

“Unprecedented”, “unforeseen”, and “uncertain” – add the prefix “un” here and there and we’ve curated a plethora of buzzwords for spring 2020. Under normal circumstances, most of us would be preparing for career fairs on campus or the start of internships and jobs at this time of year. We shift gears to stay at home, and students are left wondering what steps to take next (if there even are any) as COVID-19 prevails. As we remain socially distant, many of us want to know how to be proactive about what is left to control. Leading students and professionals is Annabel Gatto, founder of Suitably: a B2C ecommerce site that offers stylish workwear staples and career advice on the blog Well Suited. Annabel and her team at Suitably guide followers with Get Up, Get Dressed quarantine fashion and actionable steps for us to take as we push through difficult times.

Founder & CEO Annabel Gatto in the perfect little black dress

Down below are some of the many services Suitably offers. Read until the end for Suitably’s social links!

Q&A Startup With Entrepreneurs

Want something to do at home? Get those creative juices by reading through Q&A sessions with entrepreneurs! Posted on Well Suited under Women at Work, the Q&A sessions offer fresh perspectives and insights on real-life experiences that helped shape their careers.

Career and Style Advice

Annabel and her team offer guidance to being proactive amid canceled internships and layoffs. On Well Suited, blog posts break down how to properly and professionally network online in addition to easy ways to motivate yourself at home.

Virtual Coffee Chats

Annabel recently hosted virtual coffee meetups, where she set up one-on-one Zoom calls to offer personalized feedback for students and professionals. The coffee meetups allowed attendees to tailor their session around specific questions and topics. Even though we remain socially distant, Annabel connects like-minded people through Suitably.

Collegiate and Professional Network

“More than just suits” could not be truer for the B2C. Suitably offers not only staple pieces for business casual, but the startup presents an entire community. Consisting of entrepreneurs, students, and professionals you are bound to find your #suitablycrew

Suitably Starter Kit

Links to Suitably Resources

Cody Fern’s “Apocalypse” of the Men’s Suit on The Red Carpet

Cody Fern’s “Apocalypse” of the Men’s Suit on The Red Carpet

Men’s red carpet fashion just got interesting, and we can thank Australian actor Cody Fern.  Since he made his first American acting debut on American Crime Story: The Assasination of Gianni Versace and his first lead acting role in American Horror Story: Apocalypse later that year, he has been victoriously turning himself into a Hollywood star on television and on the red carpet.  From mesh to Mason Margiela to the red smokey eye, Cody Fern is putting an end to what he called “boring” men’s suits while turning fashion into art on the red carpet.

 In an interview last March, Fern talked about his thinking before he made an appearance-to-remember at the 2019 Golden Globes wearing a sleek style designed by Maison Margiela.  Fern openly revealed that he is fed up with seeing men on the red carpet wearing “the same thing that his mother dressed him in [at] his ‘year twelve’ formal” (Fern), so he wanted to wear something more glamorous than a plain old suit.  Instead, Fern wore a black collared mesh button-down shirt with black dress pants and, Fern’s favorite staple, tabby boots.  However, this is not the only time we get to see the man in mesh on the red carpet.  Fern showed even more skin at the premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse – similar to his previous Maison Margiela look, his signature black tabby boots, black dress pants, and a black mesh shirt.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make a style more unique and meaningful in fashion.  Fern’s goal on the Apocalypse red carpet was to pay tribute to his character on the show, Michael Langdon, that the actor held very close to his heart.  Instead of wearing a black blazer as a jacket, he wore it almost like a cape similar to his character on the show to make it a bit seductive, and he wore the exact rings that he wore while filming Apocalypse.

Picture Creds:
Picture Creds:

Fern’s artistic visions had a lot to do with the appearance of his character on Apocalypse.  We first see his character, Michael, wearing red eyeshadow that is blended not on just his eyelids, but all the way around both of his eyes.  After the show premiered, this eyelid experiment inspired fans around the world to try out new makeup styles using bright colors and exceptional blending styles.  This avant-garde touch of femininity to the character was Fern’s idea, and it ended up carrying into some of his red carpet looks following his appearance on the show. 

Picture Creds:

Fern shocked the media with his exotic look at the MET Gala after-party.  He wore another Maison Margiela design, but this time with a red and pink tinted smokey eye to complete the entrancing aesthetic.  By adding this illuminating eyeshadow, the bright colors and designs in the jacket and pants were emphasized, giving his look more of a retro vibe.  This brings out some of the bold colors and retro aesthetic of fashion of the1980’s as well as silhouettes of the 1990’s, which are both trends that are slowly coming back in style this year.  The design was first seen on the runway at Maison Margiela’s Spring 2019 show, but Fern definitely makes it look like more of a striking artform than just a jacket with a karate belt.  Styles like this lead to everyone’s own interpretation of it, and adds more excitement and anticipation to the red carpet than a black and white suit. This is something that we have all been craving in men’s fashion, and Cody Fern is giving us nothing but captivation.​

Picture Creds:
Picture Creds:

The media really became interested in the name Cody Fern when he showed up to the MET Gala 2019, and we sure did fall head-over-heels for blue cowboy boots (when did we ever think we would say this?).  This Maison Margiela Spring 2019 design radiates nothing more than “camp” which, ironically, was the theme this year at the MET Gala.  Each small component to this look makes a dauntless statement to the design and turns it into a beautiful illusion.  From a somewhat magnetic hairstyle that makes us do a double-take to an unusual blue mesh tube scarf, we would like to thank Cody Fern for contributing a concept of art to admire on the red carpet yet again.

Picture Creds:
Picture Creds:

When Fern walks on the red carpet wearing styles like this, people can’t help but admire Fern’s look.  It almost makes us wonder “what is it?” and “why?” because we have never seen anything like it, but we do not seek to know exactly why.  We as admirers are not meant to know the true meaning behind a piece of art, which is a postulation that needs to be brought into the notion of men’s fashion. Art is solely meant for the interpretation in the eyes of the beholder, and Cody Fern is giving us nothing but his own glamorous and thought-provoking artistic visions in his styles on the red carpet.

Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

Coachella Weekend One: Fashion Breakdown

The last few weekends in April always fills Instagram
feeds with Coachella pictures; although repetitive, there is some great desert-chic outfit inspiration to look at.

Bold Graphic prints and Pops of Color

(Photo credits @maggierodgers) One of the performers at the festival wearing printed checkerboard pants and a graphic tee – the best part of is her bright red sunglasses which pulls the whole look together.

Leather Accents

(Photo credits @gretchengeraghty) The Instagram influencer is spotted wearing a black leather cut-out body suit, star printed shorts and the staple bandana.

Tie Dye All the Way

(Photo credits @gigihadid) The model wears a loose tie dye vest and layers of colorful jewelry.

Breezy and Free

(Photo credits @vanessahudgens) The boho queen of Coachella wears a flowy, white maxi skirt and large brim hat.

Fringe Frenzy

(Photo credits @shaymitchell) It’s not Coachella without lots of fringe. Shay Mitchell wears a black knitted, fringed body and silver jewelry.

In With the Flow

(Photo credits @lydia_connell) Flowy dresses are the silhouette of Coachella – of course paired with round sunglasses, braided hair and lots of layers of dainty jewelry. 

Flower Power

(Photo credts @@ttyteala) Floral prints, muted color scheme and knitted, embroidery are some other key fashion elements worn by festival goers like @ttyteala.