Plants are My New Friends

COVID-19 has made going outside an extreme activity. Hugging our family and friends is no longer permitted and staying inside while keeping to ourselves is our only option. However, plants can bring light into this dark time by filling your rooms with life! Buying a plant has never been easier too, with websites like Bloomscape,, and The Sill. Though these websites may not ship at this time, they are good to know about for future reference!


If caring for plants is a worry you have, worry no more. These websites offer the best caring tips and articles relating to the specie of plant you may buy. For example, the Fiddle Leaf Fig has large leaves that will make any home look tropical, and the Monstera has leaves that you won’t want to look away from, with multidimensional angles.

Plants not only provide greenery to an indoor space, but they are a source of responsibility and care. Plants have been found to make you feel better; by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, they support fresh air and eliminate harmful toxins. Studies have also found that plants increase levels of concentration and productivity, boost your mood, and reduce stress levels. In these stressful times, plants provide a connection with nature when we are not allowed to leave our homes. If it is possible to order a plant, I highly recommend doing so.